This documentation supports the 19.11 version of BMC Digital Workplace Basic.

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19.11 enhancements

This section contains information about enhancements in version 19.11 of BMC Digital Workplace.

Enhancements in BMC Helix Digital Workplace

The following enhancements are added to BMC Digital Workplace.

Enhanced global search for end users

The global search no longer shows results in a single list. End users see search results sorted in pill style tabs that the BMC Helix Digital Workplace administrator can configure. The first tab, Top Hits, displays the result highlights based on the user's search query. Below Top Hits, three results of each section are displayed. Each summary section provides a See more option for an end user to go to the results of the category. Requests and Approvals appear on the bottom of the page in the More search options section. 

The following image demonstrates the updated search results layout in BMC Helix Digital Workplace:

To understand the search logic of BMC Helix Digital Workplace, see How search works in BMC Digital Workplace.

To configure tabs, see Enabling end user features

Natural language processing to improve search results for end users

The natural language processing feature is currently available as a Beta feature.

End users can benefit from the qualitative search enhanced by natural language processing. The search engine is now trained to understand the intent of the end user by a phrase or a sentence.

For example, end users can type conversational phrases such as I need a new printer or What requests were approved. The natural language processing search engine understands human language and shows more accurate results. If natural language processing is enabled, the supplementary search results may follow the main search results in the Related items section, which is available only if the search engine finds related items. This feature is supported by mobile devices. 

The following image demonstrates the improvement in search results with natural language processing.

Search results in the 19.08 releaseSearch results in the 19.11 release

For more information about how the natural language processing search works, see Configuring search results.

To find out the logic of the search engine in BMC Helix Digital Workplace, see How search works in BMC Digital Workplace.

Localized email and push notifications for end users 

The language of email and push notifications is no longer restricted to the default English. The language depends on the end user's last login.

Here is an example of how it works: the Language feature is disabled, and the browser's locale is English. An end user logs in and receives emails in English. The administrator enables the Language feature and selects French. The end user still receives email notifications in English. The changes of the BMC Helix Digital Workplace administrator are applied only if the user logs in again.

The following screenshot displays an email notification about the initiated service request in French:

For further information about email notifications, see Configuring status updates and notifications.

For more information about language settings in BMC Helix Digital Workplace, see Setting a language for your end users.

Additional feature setting in the BMC Digital Workplace Admin console

As a BMC Digital Workplace administrator, you can enable or disable natural language searching in Configuration > Search.

For information about how to enable natural language searching, see Configuring search results

Additional label customization

Starting with the 19.11 release, BMC Digital Workplace introduces new capabilities to customize the labels displayed in the end user console. As an administrator, you can change the names of the labels on the My Activity page by using new branding options in the BMC Digital Workplace Admin console. You can customize the following labels:

  • My Activity
  • Active events
  • Past events
  • Filtered events

The following illustration shows an example of a customized Active events label. The label name is changed to Requests in progress:

For more information about applying new branding options, see Customizing the labels used in BMC Digital Workplace.

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