This documentation supports the 19.08 version of BMC Digital Workplace Basic.

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Approving business requests

BMC Digital Workplace provides access to services that your company offers. A unified catalog provides end users with a familiar online ordering experience for requesting business services. This topic describes the approval process for these business requests.

Types of requests that can be approved

BMC Digital Workplace supports setting up approvals for requests from:

  • BMC Remedy IT Service Management 
  • BMC HR Case Management

  • Remedy Knowledge Management

Users involved in business request approvals

When end users request a service in BMC Digital Workplace, the approval request is routed to all approvers specified in the approval process rules. These rules are defined in BMC Remedy Action Request System Server in Approval Central. For more information about approvals, see  Approval Server concepts  in the BMC Remedy Action Request System documentation. 

The following roles are involved in the approval process:

  • Process administrators who set up and modify approvals
  • Users who request approvals (requesters)
  • Users who approve requests (approvers, alternate approvers, or reassigned approvers)

When an approver receives an approval request, the approver can approve, reject, or place a request on hold.

Administrators can also configure BMC Digital Workplace to perform the following operations:

  • Prompt the approver to enter their password before continuing. For information about how to enable the password field, see the "Approvals" section in Enabling end user features.
  • Require a comment when a request is rejected. For information about how to make comment field required, see the "Approvals" section in Enabling end user features.

Approval request details

An approver can find the pending approval requests in the Active events section on the My Activity page, and in the bell notifications.

The approval request details display the following approval-specific information:

  • Priority—Is not displayed if the request is Normal, and is displayed if the request is Low or Urgent 
  • Approve button
  • Reject button
  • On Hold button
  • Reassign button—Is shown if the administrator enables the reassign functionality . The reassign functionality is not available for alternate approvers. For more details about reassigning approvals, see Reassigning approvals.

Demonstration videos

The following videos demonstrate how to configure BMC Service Request Management approvals and how to view the approval requests in BMC Digital Workplace.


Although these videos show an older version of BMC Digital Workplace, the concept and procedure to configure approvals remains the same.

The following video (4:14) shows how to approve business requests.

Part 1: The following video (4:55) shows how to configure the Manager and Person types of approvals.

Part 2: The following video (3:41) shows how to configure the Group and Custom types of approvals.

Configuring approval notifications

When requesters and approvers are logged in to BMC Digital Workplace, they are notified of changes to all types of approval requests. Some business users, however, may prefer to receive notifications only for certain types of service requests. You can limit the approval notifications that users receive. The approval configuration applies to your entire organization, and you cannot set preferences for individual users. In a multitenant environment, you can have separate configurations for each tenant.

To configure approval notifications:

  1. In the BMC Digital Workplace Admin console, select Configuration > Application Features.
  2. From the Approvals menu, select the approval for which you want to enable approval requests.

    End users receive notifications only for the specified service types.

To disable the On Hold button

A business user who is an approver can approve or reject a request, or put the request on hold. If your company does not want to allow users to put requests on hold, you can hide the button.

  1. In the BMC Digital Workplace Admin console, select Configuration > Application Features.
  2. From the Approvals menu, clear the Put Approvals on hold option.

    The approval requests put on hold remain in the Active events list until they are approved, rejected, or reassigned. 
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