This documentation supports the 19.05 version of BMC Digital Workplace Basic.

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Catalog sources and data flow

End users and managers use the BMC Digital Workplace clients to make and approve requests. How you source the services in the catalog determines how the requests are fulfilled.How you source the services also determines how the data flow between the client request, the service catalog, and the applications that fulfill the request. 

The following sections in this topic illustrate the data flow based on the source of your service catalog.

BMC Service Request Management as a Catalog source

You can use BMC Service Request Management to build your catalog in BMC Digital Workplace. In this use case, Service Request Definitions (SRDs) created in BMC Service Request Management determine the services available in the catalog. The SRDs also determine how the requests are fulfilled, which can be from incident requests, change requests, and work orders in Remedy IT Service Management. The following diagram illustrates the catalog sources and data flow for this use case:


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