This documentation supports the 19.05 version of BMC Digital Workplace Basic.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product Version menu.

19.05.00 enhancements

This section contains information about enhancements in version 19.05  of BMC Digital Workplace.

Enhancements in BMC Digital Workplace

The following list of enhancements has been added to the BMC Digital Workplace Admin console that impacts the end user console.

Enhanced templates to send email notifications to end users

Starting with the 19.05 release, as an administrator, you can create enhanced templates that are branded using the selected global navigation style to send email notifications to your end users. The email notifications are compatible with the following email clients: Microsoft Outlook (desktop and web), Gmail, native iOS and Android clients.

Additionally, end users can use new configuration options for requests and approvals to choose which notifications they want to receive. 

For more information about notifications for end users, see Configuring status updates and notifications.

Additional customization for the user interface text 

As a BMC Digital Workplace administrator, you can use new branding options in the BMC Digital Workplace Admin console. You can change the default text that is displayed for the global search and the text of the Browse categories label. For more information, see Customizing the user interface text for BMC Digital Workplace.

Introducing self-help

We are pleased to announce embedded self-help with guided assistance in this release of BMC Digital Workplace. Guided assistance helps you learn to navigate the product and to actively complete tasks. From the Self-help pane, you can start guided assistance, link to help topics, and watch videos relevant to where you are in the product and the work you are doing.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions for additional guided assistance by adding comments when you complete the self-help guidance or on

Removing version 18.11 of BMC Digital Workplace Apple iOS and Google Android mobile clients

The Apple iOS and Google Android mobile clients available with version 18.11 and earlier were deprecated with the 19.02 release, and are no longer supported with the 19.05 release of BMC Digital Workplace. For more information, see Product announcements.

The Progressive Web App, introduced with the 19.02 release, uses an interface that provides seamless access to all the features across supported desktop and mobile devices. If your Apple iOS users need the capability to push notifications and scan QR codes, you can continue to use the BMC Helix Digital Workplace app available from the App Store. For more information, see Deploying clients.

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