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Localizing titles and messages

You can localize titles and messages in BMC Digital Workplace, as described in this topic. 


Before you begin

Review the languages and locales supported in BMC Digital Workplace. See Supported languages and locales.

To localize titles and messages

Follow this procedure for each area that you are localizing.

  1. From the BMC Digital Workplace Admin console, go to a localizable area.
  2. Select a locale for which you are providing the localized text, as in the following example screen.


    For every title and message that you are localizing, first modify the text for the default locale. If you are modifying existing text provided by BMC, you must also modify the text for all locales that your users might use. The default text is shown on the user’s device if the device has no text defined for the locale or no specific locale selected.

    For example, a localizable area includes text provided by BMC for all locales; users with a specified English locale see the text in English, however, users with a specified Hindi locale, see the default text, because Hindi is not a supported language. Asset actions do not include text provided by BMC, so you might choose to enter terms for the default locale only.

  3. Enter the localized text into the localizable fields.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each language to which you want to localize.
  5. Click Save.

Localizable areas and fields

Localizable area

How to access configuration screen

Localizable fields

Additional information

Contact options

  1. On the Help Desk tab, click Contact Options.

  2. In the Contact Type field, select General Help or Account Problems.

Custom Message field for the General Help Properties and Account Problems Properties areas.

For General Help, the text is shown in the when the user taps Not finding what you need at the bottom of the Assistance screen, and then taps IT Contact Information.

For Account Problems, the text is shown when a user taps the Account Problems button on the logon screen.

Sections in the Catalog

  1. On the Service Requests tab, select Catalog > Catalog Sections.

  2. Click the section you want to edit, or click Add to create a new section.

Section Name

For more information, see Setting up sections in the Catalog.

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