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Distributing the Apple iOS client application

Before deploying your BMC Digital Workplace mobile application to end users who use Apple iOS devices, you should consider the distribution options. According to the existing distribution options, you can distribute your BMC Digital Workplace application locally for internal users of your enterprise, or make it available for external users. 

Distribution workflow

The following flow diagram shows possible directions of distributing your Apple iOS application. While planning a distribution, refer to this diagram to choose a direction that best suits your business needs.


Additional resources

The following table provides additional information about the steps that are required to distribute an Apple iOS mobile application:

ReferenceType of distributionDescription

Apple Developer Program

ExternalTo distribute via App Store, Apple requires your company to have a standard developer account. You cannot publish to App Store with an enterprise developer account

Apple Volume Purchase (VPP) Program


This program allows you to manage and distribute your application in bulk by creating an internal network in App Store. The document describes program features, steps to enroll and get started, and distribution steps.

Apple Enterprise Program

InternalApple requires you to have a company or organization with a D-U-N-S number to apply. An enterprise account allows you to distribute your application internally.

Apple Mobile Device Management (MDM)

InternalYou can automatically enroll devices in your mobile device management (MDM) solution without having to physically touch or prepare the devices before users get them.

Apple Developer Portal

BothContains the development tools and documentation for developing Apple iOS apps.

Managing your team

BothDescribes how to assign appropriate team roles. To complete the distribution procedures, you must assign the Team Agent role to the user who will create the certificate.

Maintaining Your Signing Identities and Certificates

BothProvides information about certificates.

Additionally, you can share the following video (3:00), which explains how end users can install the BMC Digital Workplace app on IOS by using iTools.

Where to go from here

If you plan to distribute your BMC Digital Workplace application locally for internal users, see Re-signing the Apple iOS client application for Enterprise distribution.

If you plan to publish your BMC Digital Workplace application to App Store, see Re-signing the Apple iOS client application for App Store distribution.

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