This documentation supports the 18.08 version of BMC Digital Workplace Basic.

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18.08.00 enhancements

This section contains information about enhancements in version 18.08.00 of   BMC Digital Workplace.  

Alternate approvers

Starting with BMC Digital Workplace 18.08, end users can assign their business requests to alternate approvers by creating the delegation rules. This feature helps end users to decrease the number of unresolved requests if they cannot process them on time.

BMC supports the synchronization between BMC Digital Workplace and Remedy ITSM applications. End users who have active delegation rules in Remedy ITSM, can view and modify these rules in their BMC Digital Workplace. For more information about the delegation feature, see Delegating business requests to alternate approvers.

Search logic for BMC Remedy IT Service Management records

In previous versions of BMC Digital Workplace, search for Remedy Service Request Management records returned all services and knowledge articles that had at least one of the specified key words in their metadata (also known as OR logic). A search that contained commonly used key words returned a long list of records that an end user needed to manually review.

Starting with BMC Digital Workplace 18.08, a BMC Digital Workplaceadministrator can configure the search logic for services and knowledge articles. By default, the OR logic is applied for services and knowledge articles. To enable the AND logic and return services that have all search key words in their metadata, an administrator must configure SRM provider. To return knowledge articles that have all search key words in their metadata, an administrator must configure the RKM provider. For information about how to configure providers, see List of providers.

Remedy ITSM and Smart IT broadcasts in BMC Digital Workplaceand user profile synchronization

Starting with BMC Digital Workplace18.08, the broadcasts created in Remedy ITSM and Smart IT are automatically transferred to BMC Digital Workplace. This feature helps BMC Digital Workplace administrators spend less effort on creating and maintaining the broadcasts. End users receive corresponding notifications about new Remedy ITSM and Smart IT broadcasts in their BMC Digital Workplace mobile clients and Universal client. For more information about the Remedy ITSM and Smart IT broadcasts in the BMC Digital Workplace application, see Creating broadcasts.

Additionally, the BMC Digital Workplace administrator can set up the synchronization between Remedy ITSM and BMC Digital Workplace end users' profiles. As the result, end users can view and edit their job titles in both applications, and keep their data up to date. For more information about this feature, see Setting up end users' job titles synchronization.

Branding enhancements

Starting with 18.08 version, BMC Digital Workplace administrators can brand the catalog and superbox search filters in the branding settings of the BMC Digital Workplace admin console. After the branding is applied, end users can see the renamed tabs in their search results. For more information about the branding of search filters, see Customizing the terminology used in BMC Digital Workplace.

Rebranding the Google Android client

Starting with BMC Digital Workplace 18.08, you receive the Android Rebranding tool as a part of your installation package. As the BMC Digital Workplace administrator, you can use the Android Rebranding tool to rebrand and deploy the customized application to end users who use Google Android devices. For more information about the rebranding options, see Rebranding the Google Android client.

By using the Android Rebranding tool, you can also change the mobile application package parameters. As the result, you can publish the rebranded BMC Digital Workplace application to Google Play Store as your company's own application. For more information, see Preparing the rebranded Google Android application for distribution.

Deprecated features

The Support tab (available only if you enabled it before upgrading to MyIT 3.3.00) was deprecated in version 3.2. This tab will be removed when you upgrade to the next version of BMC Digital Workplace, and you will no longer be able to use it.

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