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User goals and features for end users

BMC Digital Workplace is highly configurable. Features available to users in the client applications depend on which functionality is enabled and how BMC Digital Workplace is configured.

Mobile clients and the Universal Client

BMC Digital Workplace mobile clients are available for both Apple iOS and Google Android. The Universal Client can be accessed from a web browser on your desktop or laptop. In general, the same capabilities are available on both the mobile applications and the Universal Client with only the following exceptions:

Functionality available only on mobile clientsFunctionality available only on the Universal Client
Scanning QR codes to get self-help and to submit requests specific to locations and assets.
  • Accessing AIF-type requests from the catalog. AIF-type requests use the Advanced Interface form from BMC Service Request Management.
  • Opening e-Forms from BMC HR Case Management. (However, you can open PDF form attachments are available from all clients.)
  • Requesting virtual machines (VMs) (through integration with BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management)

Notifications are available on both mobile clients and the Universal Client. However, there are some differences in how notifications are received for different areas of the application. For more information, see Configuring status updates and notifications.

Configuration options for client applications

BMC Digital Workplace users can configure the following options:

  • Locale—The BMC Digital Workplace client applications are localized. To see a localized view of the Universal Client, the user must set the locale in the browser. To see a localized view of the mobile application, the user must set the system language for the mobile device.
  • Settings—The BMC Digital Workplace clients have settings that users can use to set their home location and notification preferences.
  • Profile—The profile in BMC Digital Workplace includes a photograph, job title, phone number, and email address. Users can update their profiles from the BMC Digital Workplace client applications.

Business users can make requests for other users, as described in Self-service requests as another user.

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