This documentation supports the 18.05 version of BMC Digital Workplace. To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Cleaning up after the BMC Digital Workplace upgrade

Use this topic to clean up your installation files, application server, and database after upgrading to BMC Digital Workplace 18.05.


Download BMC Digital Workplace 18.05 Patch 1 to obtain the clean up utility packaged with the patch. After downloading the patch, navigate to\cleanup_tool. For more information, see Patch 1 for version 18.05.00.

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Before you begin

Upgrade to BMC Digital Workplace 18.05

(not required if never used)  Upgrade to Smart IT 18.05

To remove unused files and folders from your application server

Delete the following folder and files from your application server

  • <TomcatHome>/external-conf/provider
  • <TomcatHome>/external-conf/logback.xml
  • <TomcatHome>/external-conf/

To remove unused databases

Drop the MongoDB database

  • Navigate to /opt/bmc/Smart_IT_MyIT/Smart_IT_MyIT/node/config.js to get the database details.

If you are using Smart IT and BMC Digital Workplace, and selected the I use Smart IT and Digital Workplace option while upgrading, you can drop the previous relational database or schema.

  • Navigate to /opt/bmc/dwp/DwpInstalledConfiguration.xml file to get the database details. The database properties are prefixed with OLD_DB_*.

To remove unused files and folders from your installation server

Delete the following folders from the previous installation directory

  • /opt/bmc/Smart_IT_MyIT/Smart_IT_MyIT/node
  • /opt/bmc/Smart_IT_MyIT/Smart_IT_MyIT/mongo
  • /opt/bmc/Smart_IT_MyIT/MyITInstalledConfiguration.xml
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