Scenarios for service requests

Users of the BMC MyIT mobile application are able to make service requests directly from their device without needing to make a phone call or log on from a desktop. Making such requests and communicating with the IT department directly from a mobile device is one of the key features of BMC MyIT.

Scenario: User account is locked out

Vincent has to work remotely to attend an important sales meeting. On the morning of the meeting, he opens his laptop to join the company VPN to download updates to the slide deck he plans to present. However, he has trouble getting past the logon screen because his account has been locked out.

He cannot remember the phone number for his corporate help desk, and he cannot find the information he needs on his corporate web site.

Vincent opens his BMC MyIT application on his tablet. The application recognizes that his account is locked out of the system and provides Vincent a link to make a phone call to the corporate help desk. With the tap of a link, Vincent is connected to his corporate help desk. He answers a few security questions, and his access is restored.

How administrators enable this scenario

To ensure that users can quickly contact your company IT or security department in the event of an account lockout, configure the appropriate contact numbers in the Help Desk tab of the BMC MyIT Administration Console.

For more information, see Adding contact information for key departments or personnel.

Scenario: File access request

Vincent, having his account restored (in the preceding scenario), successfully logs on to his company network and navigates to the shared-document application where his team uploads shared files. However, he sees that he does not have read access to a new folder that contains the updates.

Vincent returns to the BMC MyIT application and checks for any notices or alerts about problems with the shared-document application. Not finding any notices or alerts, he files a support request directly from the BMC MyIT application to have an administrator make the folder available to him. He notices that the category of his problem, File Access Issues, is available from the quick-pick list on his application, and he selects that category to begin filing his request.

After a short time, Vincent checks his application again and sees that the status of his request has changed—someone is working on the problem. Vincent shares a few clarifying text messages with the IT person and soon finds that the problem is resolved. Vincent downloads the presentation that he needs.

How administrators enable this scenario

The BMC MyIT administrator makes it easy for clients to make common requests by configuring the Quick Pick List in the Service Requests tab of the BMC MyIT Administration Console. Typical types of common requests might include email access issues, internet problems, and laptop repair requests.

For more information, see Setting up the Quick Pick List.

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