Replacing the BMC MyIT Android GCM credentials

The following procedure describes how to replace the BMC MyIT Android GCM credentials with your own Android GCM credentials.


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To replace the BMC MyIT Android GCM credentials

  1. Log in to the server that hosts the BMC MyIT server.
  2. Stop the Tomcat instance that executes the BMC MyIT server.
  3. Log in to the BMC Remedy Mid Tier of the BMC MyIT Data Access Component (AR System server) that hosts your MyIT Administration Console forms. 
  4. Open the MyIT Administration: Push Notification Cert form.

    You can access this form directly with a URL. For example, if your mid tier’s host name is myhost and your mid tier’s port is 8080, you can access it with the following link: 


    For more information about accessing forms, see Enabling the AR System Object List in the BMC Remedy AR System documentation.
  5. Click New Search, and then click Search when the form reloads.

    If you are on a multitenant system, select from the result of the search that matches the tenant ID of the tenant that you want this certificate to be used with. 

    If you are executing a system without tenants (which is the default configuration), you will see only Default Tenant, so select that one.

    The current field values for that instance appear.
  6. If you are changing the Android GCM credentials:
    1. In the Android GCM Sender ID field, replace the current value (which is empty, by default) with your new GCM sender ID.
    2. In the Android GCM API Key field, replace the current value (which is empty, by default) with your Google API key for server applications.
  7.  Click Save
  8. Restart the Tomcat instance.

    Any notifications to Android devices are sent using the new credentials.
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