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Uninstalling Smart IT and MyIT

The following procedure describes how to uninstall the file system for BMC Remedy with Smart IT (Smart IT) and MyIT.


The uninstaller does not uninstall the Smart IT-MyIT database; it removes only the system files. MyIT and Smart IT data (including BMC Remedy Action Request System integration) and structures remain intact.

To uninstall Smart IT and MyIT

  1. Uninstall the application: 
    • (Windows) Go to the UninstallBMCSmartIT folder (such as C:\Program Files\BMC Software\Smart_IT_MyIT\UninstallBMCSmartIT), and run the uninstall file.
      Alternatively, From the Windows Control Panel, select Add or Remove Programs > BMC Remedy with Smart IT <version> & BMC MyIT <version> Install and click Remove.
    • (Linux) Perform the following steps:
      1. Go to the UninstallBMCSmartIT folder (such as /data1/bmc/Smart_IT_MyIT/UninstallBMCMyIT), and run the uninstall file. 
      2. If you are running MongoDB on a separate server or have several servers for a replica set, stop the MongoDB service if it is running because uninstalling BMC Remedy with Smart IT and MyIT in a Linux environment does not stop services related to Smart IT-MyIT.
  2. On the BMC Remedy ITSM server, log on to BMC Remedy Developer Studio, and delete the following:
      • MyIT and MyIT Administration forms (all forms prefixed with MyIT)
      • CAI:Events2, if any
      • MyIT workflows containing the word "social"
        You might have to switch to Base Development mode to delete the files. For more information, see new  Deleting forms  and  Changing the development mode  in the BMC Remedy AR System documentation

    Deleting MyIT forms from Developer Studio

  3. Go to each AR Server and remove references to the MyIT plugin from the ar.cfg and the pluginsvr_conf.xml file.
  4. Delete the MyIT plugin from the pluginsvr/fnd directory on each AR Server.
  5. As an administrator, log in to the BMC Remedy Mid-Tier for the BMC Remedy ITSM server and delete the following:
    1. Open the Roles form; in the Application Name field, search with %MyIT%, and delete the following roles:
      • MyIT Administrator
      • MyIT
      • Unrestricted Access
    2. Open the Group form; in the Group Name field, search with %MyIT%, and delete the following groups:
      • MyIT Admin
      • MyIT Super Admin
    3. Open the Report form; in the Report Name field, search for the new_field_z1d_action_wo1 report and delete the record.
  6. From Oracle or Microsoft SQL, drop the Smart IT database including Openfire chat if you are using it.

    Deleting the Smart IT database in SQL

  7. After deleting Smart IT database from the database server, you must also delete SmartIT_Business and SmartIT_System from the Logins folder.
  8. (If using only Smart IT, this step is not required) If you are using MyIT and a stand-alone MongoDB (not the bundled one), drop the social database that MyIT created from the MongoDB shell, run the dropdatabase command.
    For more information about the MongoDB shell and command, see the following MongoDB documentation:
  9. Verify that the following services have been stopped and removed:
      •  SmartIT/MyIT Application  
      • MongoDB
      • MyITSocialService
      • openfire(only if Smart IT chat feature is installed)
  10. Verify that the Smart_IT_MyIT directory has been removed. If not, delete it manually. 
  11. Restart the AR Server.
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  1. Sreekanth Gangavarapu

    This docs has lot of steps that are not valid and this needs to be reviewed.

    Feb 23, 2018 04:48
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    The doc is not completely valid as per new releases

    Mar 23, 2018 08:46
    1. Mohamed Atta

      what are the missing steps ?

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