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Reconfiguring the MyIT server

You can use the MyIT configuration utility to change settings that were initially set during installation. For example, you can use this utility if the name of your BMC Remedy AR System server changes. If you set up a load balancer for your AR System server, use this utility to point your MyIT server to the load balancer instead of the AR System server. 

Before you begin

Locate the configuration utility, ux-application-configuration-version.jar, in the MYIT_HOME\Smart_IT_MyIT\ux-application-configuration directory, where version is the MyIT version and 

MYIT_HOME is the directory where MyIT is installed. The default MyIT installation location is as follows:

  • (Windows) C:\Program Files\BMC Software\Smart_IT_MyIT\
  • (Linux) /opt/bmc/Smart_IT_MyIT/

The following video (4:55) demonstrates how you can use the MyIT configuration utility to change the AR System server that BMC MyIT uses.

To reconfigure the connection to BMC Remedy IT Service Management

Use the following command to reset the connection to BMC Remedy IT Service Management (BMC Remedy ITSM):

java -jar ux-application-configuration-version.jar change_itsm_conf -h newHost --port newPort --pass newPass -t itsmTenant

Here, the change_itsm_conf configuration command changes the connection to BMC Remedy ITSM. The parameters for this command are:

-h or --hosthost nameSpecify the host name of the server.
--portportSpecify the port of the server.
--passpasswordSpecify the application password. If you change the application password, you can use this command to change the application password, even if the other values remain the same.
-t or --tenantProvider tenant IDSpecify the tenant to which these settings apply. For more information about multitenancy, see Configuring multitenancy.

To reset provider settings

Use the following command to reset provider settings:

java -jar ux-application-configuration-version.jar change_provider_conf -t providerTenant -k settingKey -v settingValue --provider providerName


When you successfully run a command, the following message is displayed:

Modification action completed successfully...


To get additional assistance for this tool run the command:

java -jar ux-application-configuration-version.jar help

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