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Preparing for installation

Complete the following tasks: 

StepActionAdditional information
1 Complete the installation worksheet Before you start installing the products, you must gather information about the parameters that the installer requires for each product. The planning spreadsheet provided in this section helps you gather these parameter values. To avoid installation errors, refer to this spreadsheet when you run the installation.
2 Download the Smart IT and My IT installation files This topic explains how to obtain the files that you need for installation from the BMC Electronic Product Distribution (EPD) site.
3Install 64-bit Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 8.Install on all the servers where you will install MyIT and Remedy with Smart IT (Smart IT). Set the Java Home path.
4 Pre-create databases

If you have database access restrictions and cannot allow the MyIT and Smart IT installer to create a database, a DBA can create a pre-existing database.

5 Deploy MongoDB as a replica set

MongoDB is the social database for MyIT and Smart IT. How you deploy MongoDB might depend on your environment:

  • For production environments, install MongoDB on a replica set cluster.
  • For test or development environments, you might install MongoDB on a single server.
  • For proof of concept (POC), you might skip this step and instead let the MyIT installer install the bundled MongoDB.
7(Linux) Set permissions for a non-root user to run the installer If a non-root user will run the installer in a Linux environment, a system administrator must set the needed permissions.
8 Install the User Experience patch Before you install MyIT or Smart IT, you must install the User Experience patch on your BMC Remedy ITSM server. This patch enables BMC Remedy ITSM to work with MyIT and Smart IT. Without this patch, timelines, email notifications, and social features will not work in either MyIT or Smart IT. For Smart IT, this patch enables viewing incidents, requests, approvals, and so on in the timeline and activity feed.
9(Linux) Install package to launch UI installer (on Linux) On a Linux environment, to invoke the UI installer for installing MyIT and Smart IT, you must download a package containing Xorg libraries.
10(Optional) Install the Openfire chat cluster for Smart IT Openfire chat is used only by Smart IT. If your organization uses the Chat feature extensively, you can run Chat (Openfire) on a remote server to improve performance.


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