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Planning worksheets

This topic helps you gather the kinds of information that you can collect prior to your implementation to allow for a smooth start. Use the attached spreadsheet to help gather:

  • Sizing information that can help you plan your deployment
  • Implementation decisions that can help you choose use cases and plan how to implement them
  • Data requirements for information and images that the MyIT administrator can upload

You can use the planning spreadsheets in the following ways:


To size your deployment

Gather information on the Sizing information tab of the planning spreadsheet. Use this information when you review the Sizing and scalability considerations.

If you plan to use BMC Remedy with Smart IT (Smart IT), also review the  Smart IT and BMC My IT performance and tuning guidelines in the BMC Remedy with Smart IT online documentation.

To choose use cases and plan implementation

To learn about the use cases, see Use cases. For additional considerations and to plan implementation, use the Implementation decisions tab of the planning spreadsheet to consider:

  • Services information for assistance and health capabilities - MyIT administrators can define the services to make available for interaction by MyIT users.
  • Assistance information - MyIT end users can use the client application to request services and to use knowledge from the Catalog.
  • Schedule appointment information - When setting up staff availability calendars, you  need to know how many of your staff will be available on a given day, so that users of MyIT can see when appointment slots are available to them.
  • Location information - So that MyIT users can easily find sites in an unfamiliar city and view floor maps and assets when they arrive, you can add accurate, up-to-date information to MyIT.

Use the End user information section of the Implementation decisions tab of the planning spreadsheet to plan the following:

  • How to provide accounts for business users
  • Whether to roll out the mobile applications as part of your deployment
  • How much you might want to customize the interface

To plan to load data to MyIT

Use the Data requirements tab of the planning spreadsheet to plan:

  • Which assets to bring into MyIT
  • Which images to bring into MyIT
  • Which location information (both sites and site maps) to bring into MyIT

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