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This section guides you through planning your MyIT deployment. BMC recommends that you complete this section before you start to install MyIT.

StepActionAdditional information
1Complete the Planning worksheets .

The planning worksheets help you gather information that you need to plan your deployment including:

  • Data about your environment to help determine your sizing requirements
  • Implementation decisions that can help you choose uses cases and plan how to implement them
  • Data requirements for information and images that the MyIT administrator can upload

You might collaborate with teams outside of IT for some of the implementation decisions.

2Review the MyIT Sizing and scalability considerations .

BMC has conducted analysis of various performance test results and provided performance benchmarking methodology and environment details. The recommendations from these tests are validated by the test results provided.

If you plan to use BMC Remedy with Smart IT (Smart IT), also review the  Smart IT and BMC My IT performance and tuning guidelines in the BMC Remedy with Smart IT online documentation.

Review the system information in the following topics:

  • Compatibility matrix
  • Hardware requirements
  • Required ports

Review the MyIT Release notes and notices , including Known and corrected issues .


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MyIT Supported languages and locales

Smart IT language information in the BMC Remedy with Smart IT documentation

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