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Getting started with your transition to MyIT

MyIT will play a key role in your digital workplace. But how do you make your transition from the way your organization operates today to your new digital workplace? BMC recommends that you start by implementing the Catalog and later implement additional functionality.

This topic is intended for IT managers and administrators who are responsible for rolling out MyIT to their organization. This topic can help you get started, whether you are currently using BMC Service Request Management or are new to self-service.

This topic includes the following sections:

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Configuration example

Catalog content from the starter kit

Deploying MyIT to your users

Use cases

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Basic concepts 

When you first transition to MyIT, BMC recommends that you start with the following areas:

These components are described in the following text.

  • Catalog—The Catalog provides an intuitive experience for browsing and searching for service requests, knowledge articles, and additional items. If you are currently using BMC Service Request Management, you can use your existing service requests and knowledge articles to create an experience that is familiar to your self-service users. Otherwise, you can start with the service requests that are included in the starter kit. Knowledge articles are not included in the starter kit; you can create knowledge articles by using either BMC Remedy with Smart IT or BMC Knowledge Management.
  • Approvals—Managers can approve and reject business requests within the MyIT application.
  • NotificationsNotifications alert business users when their requests need attention, for example, if an IT staff member asks a question that requires a reply. Notifications also alert managers when a request is waiting for their approval.
  • Digital workplace A workplace where employees can find the same consumer-oriented experiences they enjoy in their personal lives, with one-stop-shopping for the technology tools they need to do their work.

Process overview

The following diagram illustrates the process for implementing MyIT.


When you expand your implementation of MyIT, you might choose either of the following options:

  • Expand your Catalog by integrating with other products. For example, with BMC HR Case Management, you can bring HR requests and knowledge into your Catalog. With MyIT Service Broker, you can bring external offerings into your Catalog and can enhance the Catalog with the shopping cart experience.
  • Leverage the location-aware self-service capabilities by adding locations and assets.

Starting configuration

This example for starting MyIT configuration is a step up from the Requester Console in BMC Service Request Management. In MyIT, you can easily browse and search the Catalog. Business users also get the additional benefits of using their mobile devices and scheduling appointments with the help desk. The simplicity of this configuration makes it easy for self-service users to get started. A new installation of MyIT includes a starter kit that populates your Catalog with popular requests.

How MyIT looks with example configuration applied

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