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Enabling and configuring the enhanced catalog

The MyIT enhanced catalog provides rich profiles and categories for catalog items, bundles, and promotional banners.

For examples of the dynamic self-service experience provided by the MyIT enhanced catalog, see MyIT enriched catalog.

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Information required for the enhanced catalog configuration

  • If you are using MyIT Digital Workplace OnDemand or MyIT OnDemand, BMC configures the enhanced catalog for you.
  • If you are running MyIT On-premises with MyIT Service Broker 3.3 or later, your system administrator can provide the following information for you to enable and configure the enhanced catalog.


    The major release numbers for both MyIT and MyIT Service Broker must match. Other release combinations are not supported.

Web address of the catalog source


The web address to the URL endpoint for MyIT access includes:

URL segmentExamplesComment

http (standard)

https (SSL-configured)

Identifies whether an SSL connection is required to access the enhanced catalog source.
Server URLyour-myit-service-broker-url.comContains the fully qualified domain name or IP address of the server, or the load balancer of the server cluster.
Port number

8008 (standard)

443 (SSL-configured)

Specifies the application server port number. Your system administrator should advise you of the specific port number assigned. Your system could also be configured to not require a port number.
API endpoint/api/myit-sb/

Points to the API endpoint used by the application scripts.


To manage the enhanced catalog

Service catalog administrators can manage the enhanced catalog, or access the MyIT Service Broker admin console if the specific license applies, by opening the following link in a web browser:

Tenant domain name

A single instance of MyIT and MyIT Digital Workplace OnDemand can display the enhanced catalog of a single tenant, identified by a domain name.

Domaincalbro.comTenant domain identifier.

Credentials used by notification system

You must provide the credentials for a system user account that supports push notifications to users for changes in the user's requests being processed by MyIT Service Broker. This account runs as a background process in MyIT.

For example, the following table shows a system notification account that should be created automatically when MyIT Service Broker is installed or provisioned. You could insert the credentials of any user with standard MyIT permissions:

Usersys_notificationExample MyIT Service Broker system notification account without tenant domain.
Password5y5_N0tificationPassword for the system notifications user.

To enable support for the enhanced catalog

  1. In the MyIT Administration Console, go to Configuration.
  2. Select Enable Features, and then Enhanced Catalog to enable the feature.
    Watch for the message to indicate that the feature is enabled.

To configure the enhanced catalog settings

  1. In the MyIT Administration Console, go to Configuration.
  2. Under Configuration, select Enhanced Catalog.
  3. Enter the information required for the enhanced catalog configuration:

  4. Click Save.
    Users currently logged into MyIT will see the enhanced catalog the next time they log in.

To provide enhanced catalog access to MyIT users

Before MyIT self-service users can browse categories and request services through the enhanced catalog, they must have a user account of Read license type in the enhanced catalog server database. Your administrator can synchronize the Remedy IT Service Management user database with the MyIT Service Broker user database.

For more information, see Copying users from Remedy ITSM in the MyIT Service Broker 3.3 online documentation.

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Setting up sections in the Catalog

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