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Setting up user accounts and granting access to BMC Digital Workplace Catalog

A system administrator or service catalog administrator can create BMC Digital Workplace Catalog users manually or can configure the process to duplicate users from a Remedy IT Service Management (ITSM) system.

BMC Digital Workplace applications share the same Remedy user database for authenticating user requests with Remedy ITSM and with BMC HR Case Management.  However, for users to be able to request services that have been provisioned through BMC Digital Workplace Catalog, a service catalog administrator must act as a tenant administrator to create user accounts to enable the following scenarios in the tenant domain:

  • Mary Mann is a BMC Digital Workplace user. For Mary to be able to view and request the services that are entitled to her, a matching user account for Mary must also exist in the BMC Digital Workplace Catalog user database.
  • Bob Baxter is a BMC Digital Workplace user. Bob wants to request a service that is provisioned through BMC Digital Workplace Catalog and fulfilled through BMC HR Case Management. For Bob's request to be fulfilled, a matching user account for Bob must also exist in the BMC Digital Workplace Catalog user database. If a matching user account for Bob does not exist in the BMC Digital Workplace Catalog user database, Bob will not find this service in BMC Digital Workplace.


A user account must share the exact same password in all systems. For a proof of concept environment, an administrator can create duplicate accounts manually and update the passwords for each user so that the passwords match. In production environments that involve several users, you can simplify this process by implementing BMC Remedy Single Sign-On.

To set up user accounts and grant access to BMC Digital Workplace Catalog, perform the following tasks:

Learn about user accounts, permissions, license levels, and rolesUser accounts, groups, and permissions for BMC Digital Workplace Catalog
Copy users from an existing Remedy IT Service Management systemCopying users from Remedy ITSM into BMC Digital Workplace Catalog
Create user accounts from the terminal consoleCreating user accounts in a batch by using shell scripts
Create user accounts from within Remedy Mid TierCreating user accounts by using Remedy Mid Tier
Promote users to administrative rolesAssigning BMC Digital Workplace Catalog roles to user accounts

Granting access for sub-catalogs in BMC Digital Workplace Catalog

Granting access to subcatalogs in BMC Digital Workplace Catalog
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  1. Thad Esser

    Is there a difference between the Mary Mann and Bob Baxter use cases? In both cases, they have to have a user account in DWP Catalog user database in order to see requests and have them fulfilled. Which statements in the descriptions are true for one of the cases that aren't also true for the other? Thanks.

    Jun 18, 2019 01:26
    1. Ravee Panjwani

      Thanks for your comment, Thad. In the above case, Bob needs to have a matching user account in BMC Digital Workplace Catalog even though the service is fulfilled through BMC HR Case Management.


      Jun 19, 2019 05:07
      1. Thad Esser

        Doesn't Mary Mann also need an account in BMC Digital Workplace? Maybe I'm not understanding what the DWP Catalog is for. Between the two use cases listed, why does it matter where Bob's request gets fulfilled, but not Mary's? Thanks

        Jun 19, 2019 05:41