This documentation supports the 18.11 version of BMC Digital Workplace Advanced.
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Processing business requests

The processing of business requests involves requesters and approvers. Requesters are the business users who request services in the Catalog section of BMC Digital Workplace, such as password resets, software installations, changes to employees' statuses, and similar. Approvers are the business users who receive and resolve approval requests from the requesters.

BMC Digital Workplace supports the following types of approval requests:

  • Requests from BMC Remedy Service Request Management 
  • Requests from BMC HR Case Management

  • Requests from BMC Digital Workplace Catalog
  • Requests from BMC Business Workflows


    For requests from BMC Business Workflows, questions and answers are shown in approval details only if the request was created through a BMC Digital Workplace Catalog request flow.

The following section describes how approvers can process their requests, and includes the following tasks:

Task Types of requests supported Description Reference
Approving requests All types of requests

When approvers receive the approval requests, they can either approve, reject, or put the requests on hold. Requesters and approvers are notified about changes for all types of approval requests.

Approving business requests
Delegating requests
  • Requests from BMC Remedy Service Request Management 
  • Requests from BMC HR Case Management

    Note: The delegation feature is not supported if BMC HR Case Management and Remedy ITSM are installed on different AR system servers
  • Requests from BMC Digital Workplace Catalog

Approvers can create delegation rules to delegate their requests to alternate approvers. The time period of the delegation is set in advance to cover the time when the original approver is on a leave.

This feature helps to decrease the number of unresolved business requests.

Delegating business requests to alternate approvers
Reassigning requests All types of requests, except delegated approvals

Approvers can redirect the business requests that are assigned to them to other approvers.

For example, a manager receives an approval request from an employee.The work required for resolving this request is not in the sphere of his competence. He reassigns the received request to another manager who usually works with such requests and has the corresponding expertise.

For more information about how approvers can reassign their requests, see the following video:

For information about how the administrator can enable or disable the reassigning feature and password confirmation request for reassigning approvals, see Enabling end user features.

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