This documentation supports the 18.11 version of BMC Digital Workplace Advanced.
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Enabling collaboration on service requests

As a system administrator, you can globally enable collaboration on service requests to allow all users in your organization to add collaborators to their service requests.

The user who submits a service request can add other users as collaborators for this request, so that they can view and comment the initial request. They can also cancel the service request if required.

Collaboration on service requests is useful when a user creates a request that impacts other users or if the user will not be available when the request is fulfilled. This feature is currently available only for services that are created using BMC Digital Workplace Catalog.

Scenarios for enabling collaboration on service requests

The following scenarios describe situations when an end user adds collaborators to a service request:

Allen is an analyst at Calbroservices company. Allen and five colleagues from his department work in the office room where an office printer is installed and connected to the corporate network.  

  • One day Allen wants to print out a document, and he encounters that the quality of the printing has decreased essentially. Allen creates a service request in BMC Digital Workplace about the printer that needs to be fixed, and adds two colleagues from his office room as collaborators to this service request. If Allen is out of the office when the IT department starts processing this request, colleagues who are added as collaborators to the service request can answer questions from the support team to help processing the ticket. 
  • When Allen created a ticket, he did not know that Jane who works in the same office room, had already requested the printer service in BMC Digital Workplace. When Jane requested the service request, she did not add collaborators to her request. After Allen added Jane as a collaborator to his request, she canceled the request with the comment that she had already created another request.    

Collaborator rights and permissions

As an end user, you can request services for yourself, or on behalf of (OBO) other users. If you request a service on behalf of another user, the OBO user cannot be added as a collaborator to the request.


* Service requester and other collaborators (if any) are notified along with the name of the user who cancels the request.

Before you begin

Prepare the tenant configuration utility before you can use the script to enable this feature. For details about how to prepare the tenant configuration utility, see Configuring multitenancy.

To enable collaboration on service requests

  1. Navigate to the tenant-config scripts folder:
    • (LinuxDWP_HOME/tenant-config/scripts/linux
    • (WindowsDWP_HOME\tenant-config\scripts\win
  2. Run the script to enable the feature:
    • (Linux)
    • (Windows) enable_collaborator_feature.bat

To disable collaboration on service requests

After enabling collaboration, you can prevent users from adding collaborators to new or existing requests. However, disabling collaboration does not affect any existing requests to which collaborators were added.

  1. Navigate to the tenant-config scripts folder:
    • (LinuxDWP_HOME/tenant-config/scripts/linux
    • (WindowsDWP_HOME\tenant-config\scripts\win
  2. Run the script to disable the feature:
    • (Linux)
    • (Windows) disable_collaborator_feature.bat

To add collaborators to a service request

  1. After you provide all the Required information for a service request, click Complete request.
  2. From the Confirmation tab, select the Collaborators checkbox.


    If you already submitted the request, you can add collaborators at any time before the request is fulfilled. Click My Activity > Requests and select the Collaborators checkbox.

  3. To load a previously saved default list of collaborators, click Options > Load default selections if you saved a list that you want to load.

  4. Click Options > Add or remove people to add up to 20 people from your organization as collaborators to your request.

  5. Click Options > Save selections as default to save the list of people as collaborators for future requests. Any time you Save selections as default, you overwrite the default list that you previously created.

  6. (Optional) To add the default list of collaborators for all your future requests, select the Enable for future requests checkbox.

  7. Click I'm done. The request shows up on the timeline of all the collaborators.
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