This documentation supports the 19.05 version of BMC Digital Workplace Advanced.

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product Version menu.

Creating catalog sections for banners

To attract end users' attention to a particular service, promote calls to specific user actions, or provide general information, a BMC Digital Workplace administrator can set up one or more sections to display promotional banners.

BMC Digital Workplace administrators can create sections to display the available banners, and place the sections anywhere in the catalog where users can see them. The banners are made available by BMC Digital Workplace Catalog administrators, who create the banners, assign target devices and click actions, and set banner visibility schedule.

Before you begin

Enable the enhanced catalog to make the option to display interactive promotional banners available.

To create a new catalog section for banners

You can create sections to contain a single banner, or multiple banners.

  1. On the Service Requests page, select Catalog > Catalog Sections.
  2. Click Add.

  3. Using the language of the default locale, enter a section name.

    The name does not appear anywhere in the catalog. The name is only a means to identify the section.

  4. Select Section type: Banners to include one or more BMC Digital Workplace Catalog banners.

  5. Select from the Available banners.

    • To select a range, press Shift+Click.

    • To select multiple, individual banners, press Ctrl+Click (Windows), or CMD+Click (Mac).

    • To add all banners, click Add.


    The Available banners list displays only banners that are in Published status in BMC Digital Workplace Catalog. Business users only see the banners that have been entitled to them, within the visible time range scheduled in BMC Digital Workplace Catalog.

  6. To remove a banner from the Selected banners list, click the X, or optionally, click Remove all.
  7. Select the preferred Sort order, and Banner size.
  8. Click Save
  9. Arrange the row where the banner section should appear in the catalog.
    Follow the instructions in Displaying the catalog section.

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