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Configuring confidential questions in a questionnaire

As a catalog administrator, internal service supplier administrator, or internal service supplier, you can set User Generated questions as confidential to restrict unauthorized users from viewing answers that contain confidential information.

HR cases (and specifically, Employee Relations cases) usually contain sensitive personal data that must be protected to comply with regulations. Examples for what needs to be kept confidential are home addresses, gender identity, medical information, and compensation-related information.


You can set as confidential only the User Generated questions that originate from BMC Helix Business Workflows related services.

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Scenario for creating confidential questions in a questionnaire

The following scenario describes the need for creating confidential questions:

Penny is a catalog administrator. She is responsible for creating and managing HR services that originate from BMC Helix Business Workflows. 

Penny needs to create a bonus compensation service. In Penny's company, the bonus compensation depends on an employee's salary and years spent with the company, so Penny has to create a questionnaire with confidential  questions. When Penny sets certain questions as confidential, she knows that answers to confidential questions will be available only to the service requester and authorized users. 

Before you begin

The following conditions must be met before you can create confidential questions:

  1. You must have the Innovation Suite connector configured. 
  2. Create a workflow that includes the Create Ticket action. 
  3. Configure the Create Ticket action to use text input variables—the variables to be automatically added to the questionnaire.
  4. For the added workflow, add a questionnaire.  

Setting questions as confidential

In the Question designer, you can flag any question type as Confidential except an attachment question. For details about question types, see Question settings in the Question Designer.

When you set a question as confidential, it is displayed as shown in the following image:

When you have created a questionnaire with confidential questions, associate its workflow with a service, and perform all other steps to make the service available to end users. For details about how to do this, see Adding and updating services.  

Who can see the confidential questions

End users who submit a service request can see confidential questions as as shown in the following image:

Unauthorized users cannot view confidential questions.

End users experience in BMC Digital Workplace

The following users can view confidential questions and answers in BMC Digital Workplace end user console:

The following users can view confidential questions and answers in BMC Digital Workplaceonly if they have the has confidential data access permission in BMC Helix Business Workflows:

Confidential questions and answers are not displayed in BMC Digital Workplace to users without has confidential data access permission in BMC Helix Business Workflows.


End users cannot search for service requests by submitted confidential answers.

Administrators experience in BMC Helix Business Workflows console

Catalog administrators cannot view confidential questions in details of services in the Service Request report. For more details about the Service Request report, see Reviewing the status of service requests.

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