This documentation supports the 19.02 version of BMC Digital Workplace Advanced.

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product Version menu.

19.02.00 enhancements

This section contains information about enhancements in version 19.02  of  BMC Digital Workplace.

Revamped user interface for BMC Digital Workplace

BMC Digital Workplace provides a new responsive UI in the 19.02 release.  The new UI is designed based on the Progressive Web App that supports all  clients from desktop to mobile devices. The new Progressive Web App replaces the native apps to simplify the mobile apps distribution. All features and customization are seamlessly made available on compatible desktop and mobile devices. For information on deploying  BMC Digital Workplace, see Deploying clients.

Digital Workplace Admin enhancements

BMC Digital Workplace provides the following admin enhancements:

Ability to rebrand the user interface

BMC Digital Workplace provides a new rebranding tool. Use this tool to rebrand the BMC Digital Workplace user interface and make the changes available across desktop and mobile devices. For more details on rebranding BMC Digital Workplace, see Rebranding BMC Digital Workplace.

Ability to build a custom home page for BMC Digital Workplace

As a BMC Digital Workplace administrator, you can add a page in BMC Digital Workplace, and set it as your home page. You can configure this page to display elements, such as global search, catalog banners, catalog sections, and past or active items. For more details about how to add and configure the custom page, see  Building a custom page for end users.

Set up collaborator preferences

As an end user, you can create and manage the collaborators default group and automatically share all new requests with the users in the default group.

You can also manually add collaborators to your requests by one, or by loading the collaborators group to your service request. For more details how to manage collaborator settings, see Collaborating on service requests.

Improved logs for troubleshooting and debugging

As the BMC Digital Workplace administrator, you can now set the log levels in the BMC Digital Workplace Admin console, and avoid performing server-side actions.

As the BMC Digital Workplace Catalog administrator, you can enable platform logs and set the level for catalog logs directly from BMC Digital Workplace Catalog.

For more information, see Configuring logs.

Service management in BMC Digital Workplace Catalog

BMC Digital Workplace Catalog provides the following enhancements in service management:

Use internal tags in questionnaires

While creating service questionnaires, as the BMC Digital Workplace Catalog administrator or internal service supplier, you can now add internal free text tags to questions, as shown in the following illustration:

This feature enables you to identify questions with special functions. For example, you can create a question regarding the employee's salary with a confidential tag, and then update a workflow, so that you receive notifications when end users submit requests with answers to confidential questions. For more information about internal tags, see Question settings in the Question Designer.

Create copies of a workflow with associated questionnaires

You can choose to copy the questionnaires associated with a workflow when you copy the workflow. Since the questionnaire names are unique, the current timestamp is added as a suffix to the name of the questionnaires. For more information, see Exploring the workflow designer.

Specify date restrictions in questionnaires

When you create a questionnaire that uses the Date or Date & Time form element, you can now specify a fixed date range or a duration relative to the request date. For more information on the question settings, see Question settings in the Question Designer. Users will be restricted to selecting a date based on predefined date restrictions that belong within a date range or duration relative to the date on which the request is created.

Support for OpenJDK

With the 19.02 release, the BMC Digital Workplace application is able to run and provide full functionality on OpenJDK 11.

Additionally, BMC Digital Workplace will continue to run and provide full functionality on Oracle JRE 8 and Oracle JRE 11. You can start using OpenJDK 11 when you install or upgrade to BMC Digital Workplace 19.02. For more information, see Installing BMC Digital Workplace or Upgrading BMC Digital Workplace.

The same applies to BMC Digital Workplace Catalog. For more information, see Installing BMC Digital Workplace Catalog or Upgrading BMC Digital Workplace Catalog.

Additional localization

BMC Digital Workplace Catalog is now localized into both Arabic and Hebrew. You can now create and publish services in these languages. For a full list of supported languages and locales, see Supported languages and locales .

Use Google Analytics to collect and analyze usage data

You can now use Google analytics for collecting and analyzing usage data, and make informed decisions on the catalog items in BMC Digital Workplace. With this release, you have access to data about the device, browser, operating system, time, and search keywords used by your users. Click here  email  to send an email to the BMC Product Management team for requesting access to this feature.

Deprecation of the Apple iOS and Google Android mobile clients

The native iOS and Android mobile clients are now deprecated, and are not packaged with this release. The Progressive Web App provides an interface that provides access to all the features across desktop and mobile devices. For more information, see BMC Digital Workplace new user interface.

However, if required, you can continue to use version 18.08 of the native mobile clients. This was made available with the release of version 18.11. An 18.08 feature that enables a user to request a day two action on behalf of another user, and request a service on behalf of multiple users is available only when using the Universal Client.

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