This documentation supports the 3.5 version of BMC Digital Workplace. To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Service bundles

Service bundles are catalog items that contain multiple services that will be fulfilled from a single user request. Service catalog administrators and internal service suppliers can create service bundles to package items that users should consider ordering at the same time.

Service bundles for BMC Digital Workplace users

Service bundles appear in the BMC Digital Workplace catalog along with individual services. When a user clicks a service tile, the catalog profile opens to show the services that would be provisioned when the bundle is requested. The bundle catalog profile can contain a unique icon, rich text descriptions, and if enabled, an image carousel, downloadable resources, SLA, and cost profile information.

To be able to find and request a bundle, users must be entitled to view and request the bundle. The user can open the catalog profile for a bundle to see icons for the individual services that are included in the bundle.

If the user is also entitled to view and request the individual services, or if the catalog administrator has enabled full catalog view, the user can click the icon to view details of the individual services.

Users can view and request bundles even if the users are not entitled to the individual items in the bundle.


For more information about enabling full catalog view, see Entitling end users to services, bundles, and banners.

When you create a bundle, you can choose the fulfillment method used to provision the items in the bundle. The simplest and most common fulfillment method is to use the individual service workflows. Alternatively you can design a custom workflow to fulfill services in a particular order

Fulfillment by individual services workflows

When a bundle is fulfilled by using the individual services workflows, you can drag and drop the services to change the order the service tiles appear on the catalog profile. The order does not affect the provisioning sequence; BMC Digital Workplace Catalog provisions the requested services in an arbitrary order.


Services that have External Link in the Fulfillment field in their profile cannot be added into bundles.

Fulfillment by custom workflow

When a bundle is fulfilled using a custom workflow, you choose the order that the services should be provisioned. You can choose to fulfill the services in sequence or in parallel, or even in a complex manner based on the user's answers to the service questions at the time of the request.

Example: Workflow to provision services in sequential order

In this example, the workflow executes a request for each service after the previous service is submitted. if the service workflow contains a blocking process, the process waits until the blocking process is completed before continuing to the next request.


This workflow is documented as an option in Bundles 3 - Sharing question responses between bundled services.

Example: Workflow to provision services in parallel order

In this example, a parallel gateway splits the sequence flow into five parallel threads all executed at the same time. The parallel gateway used after the requests creates a blocking join that waits for all the threads to be completed before continuing to the end.

This workflow is documented as an option in Bundles 3 - Sharing question responses between bundled services.

Example: Workflow to provision services in a complex manner

In this example, exclusive gateways test the user's responses against conditional expressions to control the sequence flow through a series of requests. After each conditional block, an exclusive gateway must be used to combine the sequence flows in order to flow into another choice.

At the end, the process includes a final action to notify the user through the activity timeline.

This workflow is documented in Bundles 4 - Fulfilling bundles based on user choices.

Service bundling tutorial

In the following topics, you will learn how to create bundles that use each of the methods described above. The tutorials advance in complexity to guide you to create your own bundles.

Bundles 1 - Preparing services for bundling

Learn the requirements for services that you can combine into bundles by following the tutorials. You can create bundles to combine service items you already have, or import a zip archive of services designed to demonstrate service bundling concepts.

Optional prerequisite: Tutorials - creating services

Bundles 2 - Creating a bundle using individual servicesCombine services into a simple bundle with optional items that are fulfilled using the workflows of each individual service.
Bundles 3 - Sharing question responses between bundled servicesExpand on the concept of the simple bundle by designing a custom workflow that sends the fulfillment request for each item individually or all at the same time.
Bundles 4 - Fulfilling bundles based on user choicesDesign a custom workflow with multiple conditions that fulfills the service bundle request based on the user's decision-making process.

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