This documentation supports the 3.5 version of BMC Digital Workplace. To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Self-service requests as another user

If a self-service user is an approved delegate of another user, the self-service user may request services as that other user. This feature requires the setup of on-behalf-of entitlement rules in Service Request Management, even if SRM is not involved in the service provisioning and fulfillment process.

Two ways to request services as another user

  • The self-service user can change the Requested for user at the time of the request. A user can search for services that the user is entitled to view, and request them on behalf of another user who might not be entitled to view them. For instance, a team lead with enhanced entitlement permissions can request specific products or services for team members.
    The following illustration shows how a user can change the requested for user at the time of the request

  • If the catalog is built with BMC Digital Workplace Catalog, the self-service user can change the user's own catalog view temporarily to impersonate another user. When Request as someone else is enabled, the requesting user can view only the products and services that the alternate user are entitled to view. Also, services through providers that have been integrated directly with BMC Digital Workplace will not be available.
    The following illustration shows the option beneath the user's profile icon to Request as someone else:


    If the BMC Digital Workplace administrator enabled a section to collect user favorites, when a user is viewing the catalog as another user, the favorites section will be hidden. The user will not see their own favorites or the favorites of the user being impersonated.

To set up on-behalf-of definition rules

See Creating on-behalf-of definition rules in the Service Request Management 9.1 online documentation. To allow self-service users to place a request on behalf of any user, you can set obo.enabled.for.all to true, as described in List of providers.

To assign the on-behalf-of user in BMC Digital Workplace Catalog

The on-behalf-of user is called the requested-for user in BMC Digital Workplace Catalog workflows. For information about implementing the requested-for user properties in workflows, see Adding a process context variable to a workflow.

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