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Adding a process context variable to a workflow

When a user submits a service request, BMC Digital Workplace gathers process context information which can be used in a workflow. Process context is information from a service request, and a service associated with this request.

This topic describes how to add and use the process context variable used for collecting information generated from a service request.

Before you begin

Review Capturing process information and passing it into a workflow.

To create a process context variable

To pass process context information to your workflow, you must add a variable of Service Broker Context data type to your process. This variable will collect information from a service request and service request definition. 

You can create only one process context variable in your workflow.

  1. Open the workflow designer, and select the canvas to modify settings of a process.
  2. Click Add/Remove Variables.
  3. Click Add Variable, and enter the following values:


    objName process variable that represents the Service Broker Context data type.

    It must be unique from other variables in the same workflow.

    Input/Output Parameter

    Enable one or more of the following check boxes to define how Service Broker Context parameter will be used in a workflow action it is applied to:

    • Input -  optional input data item used to perform an action
    • Input Required - required input data item used to perform an action
    • Output - output data captured from an action
    Data TypeService Broker Context

    The following illustration shows Add Variable window.

  4. Save the process context variable.

To use a process context variable in the Expression builder

When a catalog administrator adds a process context variable to a process, it can be used in an expression for any action parameter in your workflow.

  1. Open the Expression builder for a selected property.
  2. Expand the process context variable (called Process Context in the following screenshot), and click next to any process context property to insert a specific information into a workflow activity field. For details about process context properties, see Service broker context parameter reference.
    In the following example, Full Name is used in an expression for the Content field of a Send In App Notification action.

    You can also enter a property name as text directly into the Expression builder of a workflow activity field. Process context variable has the following JSON format:
    JSON of SB context

Where to go from here

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