Service questionnaires

Service Catalog Administrators can create and attach forms to services for the user to provide information when a service is requested. If the question is mapped to a process import, the user's response is passed through to the fulfillment system.

Question forms are specific to a service item and a workflow. When you change a service workflow, any links between questions and the former process inputs are broken and the new process inputs must be mapped.

Building a service questionnaire

  1. From the Service Options pane, click Questions to open the questions builder.
  2. Use the tabs to switch the left pane between ( Available Questions and Create Questions.


    Available Questions shows:

    • Process Questions: Questions that are associated with process inputs in the workflow attached to the service.
    • User Generated Questions: Questions that have already been placed onto the canvas. A new canvas will not display any user generated questions.

    Create Questions shows different field types that can be dragged onto the canvas.

  3. If a workflow is attached to this service, the left pane shows process inputs from the workflow that can be mapped to a question field.

Setting conditional questions

You can show the user different questions based on the user's response to a previous question. The example illustrates the following scenario:

  1. Computer type is a process question that displays a single-select dropdown of two choices, Laptop and Desktop.
  2. Would you like an external monitor is a created question that also displays a single-select dropdown question.
  3. To link Would you like an external monitor to show after the user chooses Laptop for Computer type, click , then click the Laptop response.

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