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BMC MyIT Service Broker 3.2 offers an on-premises installation through controlled availability. Speak to your BMC account representative for information about gaining access to this product.

StepActionAdditional information
1Review the system requirements

For information about the minimum server specifications required to install the application, open these links in a new window.

2Review the release notes

For information about what's new, what's changed, and solutions to issues we encountered during testing, open these links in a new window.

3Download the installation files

For information about how to obtain the installation files after you have been assigned a password, open this link in a new window.

4Complete the installation worksheet

The installation worksheet is a copy of the options.txt file used by the installer. Completing this sheet before you begin the installation process will help you when you update the settings in the options.txt file.

To obtain a copy of the worksheet for you to record your system configuration, export the following page to Word.

5Install the application

The installation is a script that a system administrator runs from a command line.

6Configuring after installationAfter the installation completes, you must install the initial categories, templates, and users.
7Additional integration

For information on integrating BMC MyIT Service Broker with other BMC applications, review these links.

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