Getting started for Service Catalog Administrators

Follow the links in this topic to review the key features of this flexible digital service management and delivery platform.

Intuitive catalog editing interface

You add services by creating a catalog profile, which gives useful information about the service, a workflow to define the fulfillment process, and a questionnaire to collect information from the user at the time of the request. You define the structure of the catalog profile by creating service templates.

Additional information that you can save with the service include price and cost adjustment, quantity range limits, and service level agreements.

You can also populate a service catalog by importing items from external systems.

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Multiple service versions and revisions


BMC MyIT Service Broker provides a flexible version and revision system that offers unlimited possibilities to configure services to meet a variety of needs.

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Service template management

BMC MyIT Service Broker enables Service Catalog Administrators to create and use service type templates to ensure different groups of services adhere to a consistent structure.

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Price, cost adjustments, and quantity settings

As a Service Catalog Administrator, when you edit a service or a bundle, the option to set pricing has been moved from the Catalog Profile into its own section. Use the Service Options > Cost & Quantity module to set one-time and recurring costs and apply cost adjustments and offsets. You can also set quantity range limits, to allow users to request multiples of a service, multiples of a bundle, and multiples of individual services within bundles.

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Multi-level category editor

BMC MyIT Service Broker 3.2 enables you to organize your services down to three-levels of categories.

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Enterprise service distribution

Service Catalog Administrators and Asset Managers create Virtual Marketplaces as a means to link users and groups to the services they are entitled to. Virtual Marketplace entitlements show or hide a service catalog item when a BMC MyIT user searches for it.

Workflow with conditional questions processing

BMC MyIT Service Broker fulfills service requests according to the process workflow attached to the service. Process workflows define the business logic and required activities to fulfill service requests.

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Familiar BMC MyIT interface

A main option for business end users to request services is through BMC MyIT, a consumer-friendly app store experience. You must add BMC MyIT Service Broker as a provider in order to show service catalog items in BMC MyIT. Catalog profiles contain the necessary details to help the end user to make informed decisions about the service details.

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Customizable reporting engine

The administrative interface provides real-time insight into service popularity, accrued costing, and supplier performance metrics set in the service level agreement.

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