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BMC MyIT Service Broker integrates with external systems through custom service connectors which facilitate the brokering and orchestration features.

Service connector functions

Service connectors provide interfaces to all types of systems that provide all types of services. The target systems can be hosted on internal networks, on company premises, or reached via external networks and cloud-based services. Service sources may come from multiple units in an organization, such as IT, HR, Finance, Facilities, Legal, or Procurement, curated into a single portal.

Connectors can perform many functions:

  • Aggregating connectors open a communications link to a catalog of services on a host system, and enables an administrator to import those services into BMC MyIT Service Broker.
  • Action connectors broker out the fulfillment of the request of services that come from third party sources.
  • Bridging connectors integrate with BMC MyIT Service Broker at a platform level, to enable system configuration independent of a catalog or a workflow.

Some examples of cloud services that are ideal for providing through a single portal like BMC MyIT Service Broker include Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure, SalesForce cloud-based CRM, and Dropbox, to name a few. An action connector to any of these services could be used to provision an account and modify service options.

Sources for service connectors

Currently, service connectors are developed by BMC Product Teams and deployed with the release of the application. BMC MyIT Service Broker enables you to integrate with external systems. However, you must obtain the required licenses to use the integrated applications, and configure the service connector integration in BMC MyIT Service Broker.

For current system integration list, see Installed service connectors.

Custom service connector development

BMC Professional Services can coordinate with you to develop custom integration connectors into systems that are not currently supported. Contact your BMC account representative to discuss your requirements further.

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