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Studio pages

The BMC Helix Digital Workplace studio enables you to create content rich visually appealing pages for the best user experience for your lines of business. You can create customized pages that align with your organization branding, consistent global appearance and feel, and provide a seamless experience to your users. 

Use the studio to create multiple pages, with the right text, images, videos, and links, to guide your users to the desired content and services. You can personalize the experience for users by providing contextual information. In addition, you can restrict access to these pages through entitlements. You can then create navigation menus to bring the pages together under sections and direct your users to the desired content.

The studio provides a component palette and a design canvas to create pages for different lines of business. The components palette contains all the components that can be placed on the canvas. Drag and drop a component on the design canvas and configure it. Each component has properties that you can set and modify, giving you full control over the design, layout, and look of a page. Arrange the components vertically, one below the other to give length to your page, and horizontally to create a multi-column layout. Preview options allow you to view your pages in desktop, tablet, and mobile modes. 

Use cases for a studio page 

You can create pages for your lines of business. Each line of business has specific requirements for services and information. For example, an IT infrastructure page and a HR page have different requirements. You create customized pages to meet your requirements.  You can also use these pages as templates to create more pages. For example, you might create two versions of the same HR page, one for managers and the other for non-managerial employees. 

IT infrastructure

The IT infrastructure page might include the following information:

  • Service request catalog, a browse and order link
  • My orders
  • Walk-in IT help desk
  • Approval policy
  • IT infrastructure requests, such as database provisioning, firewall install, storage provisioning, setting up a cloud
  • Announcements
  • Live Chat

The following image shows a sample IT infrastructure page created in the BMC Helix Digital Workplace studio:

Human resources  

HR administrators would like to create a page for a phased return to work and would like to include the following information: 

  • Phased entry of employees to office or staggered arrival and departure
  • Who can and cannot work remotely
  • Reduced capacity -  rules for distancing and the number of people in office spaces, such as meeting rooms, cafeterias, and lifts  
  • Travel restrictions
  • How to request for workstations,  commuting resources, other office resources
  • Availability of PPE equipment such as masks, gloves, and so on
  • Protocols for customer movement in the office and client meetings 
  • Communications: Inform employees about policies: 
    • disinfection measures  
    • vaccination policy  
    • policies for employees physical and mental well-being
    • reporting of sickness/ill health  
    • statutory testing 
  • Onboarding and offboarding during a pandemic
  • Feedback from employees, report on concerns

Sales department  

The sales department would like a page that includes the following information: 

  • Information on sales incentives and commissions
  • Summary report of user's performance 
  • Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4 plans
  • Deals closed recently
  • Updates on opportunities and leads
  • Meet the team
  • Links to videos, blogs, and social media updates
  • Awards and recognitions

Required licensing

BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced customers are entitled to this feature.

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