This documentation supports the 21.3 version of BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced.

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Managing social posts

To solve their daily tasks and communicate fast, business users can post any information on a user profile, group profile, asset profile, and location profile.

As a BMC Helix Digital Workplace administrator, you can view and delete posts added by company users. You might need to delete inappropriate social posts, or you might need to clear the outdated posts history.

User scenario

Joe finds that the projector in Conference room is not working. In addition to submitting a ticket, he can alert his colleagues. In the BMC Helix Digital Workplace end user console, Joe taps Locations, selects his office, selects the Conference room, and then adds a post: "The projector is broken in this conference room." Mary is following this room because she often uses the room for sales presentations. She adds another post: "I have filed a ticket already." Thanks to Joe's message, she knows to switch to another room for her presentation.

The following image shows the conference room asset profile where Mary and Allen added their posts:

With some time, different employees add other posts about plans for booking the conference room or other problems with equipment in the room. Joe's and Mary's posts become out-of-date, and the BMC Helix Digital Workplace administrator can delete them.

To delete social posts

On the Social page of the BMC Helix Digital Workplace Admin console, you can view and delete any of the existing posts. 

You can view and delete the following posts:

  • Timeline—Any posts added by end users
  • Users—Posts added by selected users, and posts where these users were mentioned
  • Locations—Posts created by end users for a selected location
  • Assets—Posts created by end users for a selected asset

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