This documentation supports the 21.3 version of BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced.

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Bundles 1 - Creating a bundle using individual services

In this tutorial, you combine a group of related services into a simple bundle. When a self-service user requests a simple bundle, BMC Helix Digital Workplace Catalog fulfills the bundle request by calling the workflows for each of the requested services one at a time.

Lesson overview - Simple bundle with optional items

To understand the bundle you will create in this tutorial, watch an animation (43 sec) that shows a self-service user request for a bundle of five items from the catalog. Three of the items are offered as optional; two are toggled on by default, and one is toggled off.

In the example, the user adds the optional item and then submits the request.

When you create the bundle, you can arrange the services in the order that they will be displayed. Also, you can choose to assign a static cost for the entire bundle, or allow the bundle to calculate the total cost dynamically when a user toggles optional items on and off.

Before you begin

Ensure you have imported the bundle resource files, or have published your own services to substitute for the example services in the following table:

IconService name

Laptop computer

Laptop backpack

External monitor

Wireless keyboard

Wireless mouse

Lesson 1 - Creating the bundle

In this lesson, you assign a bundle name and select the services to include. Perform the following tasks to initiate the bundle creation process:

To select the service items to add to the bundle

  1. Go to Services > Services to open the Service Management page.

  2. Click Create New, and then select Bundle.

  3. In the Bundle Creator, enter the Bundle Name: Request laptop computer - individual.
    The Create Bundle button does not become enabled until after you Review each of the Bundle Creator sections in sequence. At any point in the process you can click Save to close the Bundle Creator and retain your progress. Alternatively, you can click Close at any time to abandon your work.

  4. Cick Select next to Select Services.
  5. Click Add Services.
  6. Select the services to include in this bundle. If the catalog list is large, you can Search to filter and find the services you want.

  7. When you have completed the service selection, click Use 5 Selected, or the number of services you selected.
  8. Review the list of services that you have selected to include in the bundle.
    You can remove a service by clicking the x in the top corner of the service tile.

  9. Go to the next section to set optional service items, or click Save to return to the Bundle Creator.

To specify the optional service items for a bundle

If you are creating your own bundle, replace the example services with your own.

  1. Under Bundle Services, clear the Required Item flag beside Laptop backpack.
    The option: Pre-select for requestor is already enabled. When a user requests this bundle, this item will be toggled on by default.

  2. Under Bundle Services, clear the Required Item flag beside External monitor.
  3. For the External monitor service, clear Pre-select for requestor.
    When a user requests this bundle, this item will be toggled off by default.

  4. When you have selected and configured the optional items, click Save.

To enhance the catalog profile

You can create a rich media catalog profile for a bundle that contains the same elements as an individual service catalog item.

  1. In the Bundle Creator, next to Profile Details, click Revisit.
  2. Complete the bundle catalog profile by adding a Logo, Service Excerpt, and Service Description.
  3. (Optional) Add Categories, Tags, File Resources, and Images and YouTube video links for the carousel.

  4. When you have completed the bundle catalog profile, click Save.

To set the display order to show at request time

  1. In the Bundle Creator, next to Workflow and Questions, click Review.
    If the option is disabled, you must complete the Profile Details first.
  2. In Manage Workflow, ensure Use bundled services workflows is toggled on.
  3. Drag the items to the preferred fulfillment sequence order.
    For example, drag Laptop computer to the top of the list.

  4. After the desired order is set, click Save.

Lesson 2 - Finalizing and testing the service bundle

To finalize the service bundle

  1. After you have reviewed and revisited all Bundle Creator panes, click Create Bundle to save the bundle in Pending status.
  2. To publish the bundle, follow the steps as in Approving and publishing services.
  3. To make the bundle available to end users, follow the steps in Entitling end users to services, bundles, and banners.

To test the bundle request in BMC Helix Digital Workplace self-service

  1. Log into BMC Helix Digital Workplace as a user who has been entitled to the bundle.
  2. Search or find the bundle title, and submit a request.
  3. Toggle the optional items off and on.
    The bundle cost should update to the total cost of all the items to be included.
  4. Click Request Now.
  5. Respond to the questionnaire for each service, and then click Next Item.
  6. After you have answered all the questionnaires, click Complete request.

Conclusion - Considerations when individual services workflows fulfill bundle requests

If multiple services contain questions that require the same response, users will be asked to provide answer each time the question appears. Fulfillment by individual services workflows does not provide a way for responses to be shared between the services. There is a risk the user could enter incorrect or invalid information when a question is repeated.

For example, in the following animation (12 sec) the user incorrectly answers an instance in the Text field.

To provide more seamless experience for end users, you can add a custom workflow to provision the services in the bundle.

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