This documentation supports the 21.3 version of BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced.

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Assigning subcatalog roles to user accounts

Catalog administrators can assign a user to be an internal supplier or an internal supplier administrator for a subcatalog. These users handle the administration tasks for that subcatalog, such as creating new services, designing workflows, questionnaires, and setting service entitlements. 

Before you begin

Make sure that subcatalogs are created.

To assign the Internal Supplier or Internal Supplier Administrator role to a user

Assign the subcatalog roles to user accounts either while creating a subcatalog or by editing a subcatalog. You can assign a user as an internal service supplier or an internal service supplier administrator to only one subcatalog. 


Do not assign subcatalog roles from Mid Tier because you can associate a user with a subcatalog only from the Catalog console.

  1. In the Catalog console, select Catalog > Subcatalogs.
  2. Select a subcatalog, and then select Actions >Open.
  3. Perform one or more of the following steps to assign users who will manage the subcatalog:
    • To assign internal service supplier administrators for the subcatalog, click Add next to the Administrators, select one or more users, and then click Add.
    • To assign internal service suppliers for the subcatalog, click Add next to the Internal Suppliers, select one or more users, and then click Add.

4. Click Close.

You can view user accounts that have been assigned the Internal Supplier and Internal Supplier Administrator role on the User Roles page, but you cannot edit the role. Instead, you must first remove and then re-add the role. 

To create a subcatalog

  1. In the BMC Helix Digital Workplace Catalog console, select Catalog > Sub-catalogs.
  2. Click Create sub-catalog.
  3. In the Name field, enter a subcatalog name, and then click Confirm.
  4. In the Sub-catalog Options section, add one or more of the following items to the subcatalog:
    • Services and bundles
    • Service actions
    • Workflows 
  5. Click Close.

In addition to services, bundles, and service actions, subcatalogs share virtual marketplaces and banners that were defined by one of the following methods:

  • Created by a catalog administrator and assigned to this subcatalog.
  • Added by users who are assigned as internal suppliers or internal supplier administrators of this subcatalog.


You cannot associate virtual marketplaces and banners with subcatalogs by using the subcatalog Options panel.

You can add virtual marketplaces to subcatalogs only when you create virtual marketpaces. You can add banners to subcatalogs only when you create banners.

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