This documentation supports the 20.08 version of BMC Digital Workplace Basic, which is available only to BMC Helix subscribers (SaaS).
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Subcatalogs define service management entitlements for BMC Digital Workplace Catalog users.

Catalog administrators create subcatalogs to distribute services, bundles, banners, service actions, and virtual marketplaces in the BMC Digital Workplace Catalog among users (internal service suppliers, internal service supplier administrators) who manage catalog items. Catalog administrators can view and manage services in all catalogs and subcatalogs. Internal service suppliers and Internal service suppliers can manage only the subcatalogs to which they are assigned.


In your company, different departments are responsible for creating and maintaining services. You might create a separate subcatalog for services offered by each department, and then assign internal supplier administrators and internal suppliers to this subcatalog.

For example, an entire catalog might be divided into the following subcatalogs:

 The following diagram depicts the concept of subcatalogs: 

Sub-catalogs concept

Catalog administrators manage subcatalogs from the subcatalogs page accessible from the Catalog > Sub-catalogs menu.

Each service, bundle, banner, service action, and virtual marketplace can be a part of a single subcatalog, and access is restricted to the internal suppliers and service supplier administrators who are associated with it, as shown on the following illustration:

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Granting access to subcatalogs in BMC Digital Workplace Catalog

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