This documentation supports the 20.08 version of BMC Digital Workplace Advanced, which is available only to BMC Helix subscribers (SaaS).
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Building a custom input map in a workflow

When you design a workflow, you can create custom parameters to send to an activity that can receive these parameters. 

A single Build Input Set activity provides fields to create 10 key=value pairs. If needed, you can chain multiple Build Input Set elements to create more than 10 key=value pairs.

Population of custom fields into a Remedy work order

You can configure several Build Input Set elements and merge them together to populate up to 34 custom fields.

In this example, the workflow populates the following fields on a work order Details tab:

Work order fieldField labelData type
WO Type Field 1DepartmentText
WO Type Field 2Equipment requestText
WO Type Field 6Date desiredDate/Time


For the Details and Details2 tabs on the Work Order Template in Remedy, the Create Remedy Work Order activity indexes fields in a linear order as they are declared by a unique field label. For the workflow to populate fields indexed 1, 2, and then 6, the workflow must insert unused parameters into the fields indexed 3, 4, and 5.

(Version 20.08.01 and later) You can use the Build Input Set action to map as many fields as you want to the Create Incident and Create Incident with Identifiers activities, see Remedy connector.

Before you begin 

Open an existing workflow or create a new workflow, as described in Exploring the workflow designer.

To configure a Build Input Set to map variables to index fields 

This example shows only how to configure input variables and populate Build Input Set to send the values to a Remedy work order. You can complete the steps to create the work order on your own.

  1. Click the canvas, and then click Add/Remove Variables.

  2. Click Add Variable and create the following input variables.

    NameData type

    The variable names are similar to the field labels, but do not need to be.

  3. Click Build Input Set to view the Input Map.
  4. For each Key parameter, add the field label. For each Value parameter, add the text or input variable that you created.
    Enclose text values in double quotes, as shown in the following table:

    Input map parameterValue
    Key 1"Department"
    Key 2"Equipment request"
    Value 2EQUIPMENT
    Key 3"Unused 3"
    Value 3Blank
    Key 4"Unused 4"
    Value 4Blank
    Key 5"Unused 5"
    Value 5Blank
    Key 6"Date desired"

    When populating the Build Input Set parameters, the field label values for Key 3, Key 4, and Key 5 must be unique to generate the correct field index. For example, if the label for Key 4 duplicated the label of Key 3, then the field index would be short by one field.

  5. Click Create Remedy Work Order to view its input parameters.
  6. For the Detail field, click to open the expression builder.
  7. In the expression builder, under Activities, expand Build Input Set to select the Inputs parameter.

    The field labels and values are sent to the work order as a list object. If you view the text, it renders as a JSON text string.

Where to go from here

Complete the remaining aspects of the workflow, as described in Workflows for service fulfillment.

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  1. Leonard Warren

    This was helpful except when you need more than 10 variables or character fields on the Work Order template to use. Here it states, "A single Build Input Set activity provides fields to create 10 key=value pairs. If needed, you can chain multiple Build Input Set elements to create more than 10 key=value pairs." It would be helpful to provide a section on how to chain Build Input Set elements as I did not know how to chain multiple Build Input Set elements until I found something on BMC Communities.

    I did the following: 1. Created two Build Input Set icons to my workflow. 2. Setup the Key fields for the first Build Input Set. 3. I updated the second Build Input Set by setting the Input Set1 value with Output of the first one. 4. I finished setting up the Key fields for the second Build Input Set.

    When testing, the issue is my fields did not match up as I had WO Type Field 11 and WO Type Field 12 populated on the Work Order Template. However, my second Build Input Set populated the fields of WO Type Field 16 and WO Type Field 17.

    Jun 20, 2022 10:57
    1. Aaditi Lakade

      Hello, Leonard Warren ,

      Thank you for your detailed experience with trying out the chaining multiple Build Input Set elements. Please give us a few days to update the docs. 


      Jul 01, 2022 08:11
      1. Aaditi Lakade

        Hello, Leonard Warren

        We have added the example for chaining Build Input Set activities in Mapping custom Remedy ITSM form fields in the Create Remedy Work Order form topic. 

        If you still find a mismatch between the populated fields, please contact BMC Customer Support. 



        Jul 12, 2022 06:22
  2. David Robinson

    I don't see how this addresses Details 2 fields 11+ on that page.

    Who to map WO Tempalte fields 48 and 49 within the Workflow?

    Do I add input set 3 (fields 21-30), input set 4 (31-40), and input set 5 (41-50)?

    Or just input set 3 and 4 because the details 2 fields skip 31-47?

    What does that look like?

    Aug 10, 2022 10:39
    1. Olha Horbachuk

      Hello David Robinson,

      This case needs investigation. Please give us some time, and we will circle back with the answer.



      Aug 12, 2022 04:42
  3. David Robinson

    I'm interested in how to include fields 48 and 49 from WOTemplate Details 2 tab. In our version these are 2 of the only 4 date fields available. I did this in the Workflow by creating 4 input sets per WO to be generated. Input set 1 (fields 1-10), input set 2 (11-20), nput set 3 (fields 21-30), input set 4 (48, 49, 50, 51). Is this correct?

    Aug 12, 2022 01:03
    1. Olha Horbachuk

      Yes, to get to fields 48 and 49, you would have to chain multiple input sets together.

      It is important that the input field from 1-10 is chained to Input 1 for 11-20, then 11-20 is chained to Input 1 of 21-30 and so on until the last block is chained to the work order creation block.

      Input 2 should not be used.

      You also need to specify every single field in each of those input sets. For example, if you specify the first 6 fields and values in the first block, the second block would be WO Fields 7-16.

      We are a little confused about the following fact: the last 2 date fields are 48 and 49. Looking at 20.02.03 and 22.1 servers as well at WO Type Field mapping Excel sheet, it shows only 34 fields. 2 Date/Time fields at 6 and 7, and the other 2 Date/Time fields at 31 and 32. We can see this shared in your last comment, “Input set 3 (fields 21-30), input set 4 (48, 49, 50, 51)”. We are not sure why it says input set 4 would start at 48. Maybe you talking about the internal field number? The numbering works off of the name of the field, which is 01 to 34, as seen on the chart below.

      Yes, you would need 4 input sets, with each of the fields specified in the first 3 input sets.

      DETAILS 1 (tab) 

      WO Type Field 01CHAR
      WO Type Field 02CHAR
      WO Type Field 03CHAR
      WO Type Field 04CHAR
      WO Type Field 05CHAR
      WO Type Field 06DATETIME
      WO Type Field 07DATETIME
      WO Type Field 08INTEGER
      WO Type Field 09INTEGER
      WO Type Field 10CHAR
      WO Type Field 11CHAR
      WO Type Field 12CHAR
      WO Type Field 13CHAR
      WO Type Field 14CHAR
      WO Type Field 15CHAR

      DETAILS 2 (tab)

      WO Type Field 16CHAR
      WO Type Field 17 CHAR
      WO Type Field 18CHAR
      WO Type Field 19 CHAR
      WO Type Field 20CHAR
      WO Type Field 21CHAR
      WO Type Field 22CHAR
      WO Type Field 23 CHAR
      WO Type Field 24 INTEGER
      WO Type Field 25INTEGER
      WO Type Field 26INTEGER 
      WO Type Field 27INTEGER
      WO Type Field 28CHAR
      WO Type Field 29CHAR
      WO Type Field 30CHAR
      WO Type Field 31DATE
      WO Type Field 32DATE
      WO Type Field 33TIME 
      WO Type Field 34TIME 

      Please let us know if this answer helps!

      Aug 16, 2022 07:25