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This documentation supports the 20.02 version of BMC Digital Workplace Advanced.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product Version menu.

Updating the attachment settings for service requests

You can update the attachment settings such as types and sizes through the tenant configuration utility. These attachment settings are stored in a database.

To update the attachment settings in the tenant configuration utility for BMC Digital Workplace

  1. Open the command line on either Linux or Windows.
  2. Run either the (Linux) or set_attachmentSettings.bat (Windows) scripts. 
  3. Update the attachment settings. 

To prepare the tenant configuration utility, see Configuring multitenancy.

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  1. Andreas Mitterdorfer

    Please can you document how to use these scripts to change the setting?.

    Feb 05, 2021 04:36
    1. Olha Horbachuk

      Hi Andreas Mitterdorfer

      Thanks for the question. To change the settings, use the same steps as indicated on this page. Starting from release 20.08, you can update the attachment settings in the DWP Admin console. For more information, see Updating the attachment settings for service requests.



      Feb 05, 2021 09:45
      1. Andreas Mitterdorfer

        @ [Olha Horbachuk] It would be nice to know, what to do in case you want to allow eg. zip files, wouldn't it? Running the script alone isn't going to achieve that. You need to edit the script and remove the blacklisted extensions and then run the script.

        Additionally I'm missing the information/hint on the "backend" scanning behavior. Eg. if you allow .txt files but the .txt contains a pattern which the "scanner" recognises as eg. .bat file or .html file, you won't be able to attach that .txt file though you removed it from the blacklist.

        Feb 05, 2021 01:03
        1. Alvaro Valdes

          Removing any extension as stated above allow user to add the file but lately got an error message at the as "File index.html is not allowed to upload (1013)"

          Feb 24, 2021 02:08
        1. Olha Horbachuk

          Andreas Mitterdorfer, thanks for your patience. This is internal information, so please touch base with BMC Support.

          Alvaro Valdes, thanks for the query. Please contact BMC Support.

          Apr 05, 2021 01:28