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This documentation supports the 20.02 version of BMC Digital Workplace Advanced.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product Version menu.

Extracting the downloaded archive

After you have downloaded the installation or upgrade archive file onto the target BMC Digital Workplace Catalog server, extract the package files from the archive so that you can perform the appropriate operation.

Before you begin

Download the installation or upgrade files, as described in the following topics:

To extract the files from the archive

  1. While logged in to the BMC Digital Workplace Catalog server, locate the archive file that you downloaded.

    • For installation: digital-workplace-catalog<YY.RR>.tar.gz

    • For upgrade: digital-workplace-catalog-upgrade<YY.RR>.tar.gz

  2. Create a folder where you will extract the installation or upgrade package, and navigate to the folder.

    [root@server-example Downloads]$ mkdir extract
    [root@server-example Downloads]$ cd extract
    [root@server-example extract]$ 
  3. Extract the installation package files into the current folder.

    [root@server-example extract]# tar xzvf ../digital-workplace-catalog20.02.tar.gz
    [root@server-example extract]# tar xzvf ../digital-workplace-catalog-upgrade20.02.tar.gz
  4. View the extracted files in the current folder, and verify that the main installation or upgrade file appears in the list.

    • For installation:
    • For upgrade:

Where to go from here

To return to the upgrade process, go to one of the following topics:

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