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This documentation supports the 20.02 version of BMC Digital Workplace Advanced.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product Version menu.

Designing a workflow to remove a service request from the My Stuff page

Catalog administrators and internal service suppliers who have installed the BMC Digital Workplace 18.02 March hotfix or a later version can design workflows that delete service requests from the My Stuff page.

Service requests are available on the My Stuff page when they are provisioned to end users. For more details about items on the My Stuff page, see Setting up the My Stuff page. Catalog administrators can use the My Stuff Remove Service activity in a workflow to prevent service requests from appearing on My Stuff pages.

For example, when an end user requests an Office 365 account and the service request is completed, the service becomes available on the end user's My Stuff page. At a later time, the end user might need to delete this account. To delete an account, the end user requests the Delete Office 365 user service action available in the Actions menu of the Create Office 365 user service request. When the delete service action is executed, the Create Office 365 user service request is still available on the My Stuff page. 

If the workflow of the Delete Office 365 user service action is designed to use the My Stuff Remove Service activity, then the Create Office 365 user service request associated with this activity is removed from the My Stuff page when the Delete Office 365 user service action request is executed.

Before you begin

  1. Create a service in BMC Digital Workplace Catalog. For more information, see Adding and updating services.
  2. Create a service action, and associate it with the service request. For more information, see Managing service actions.
  3. Create a workflow for a service action, and add a process context variable to this workflow. For more information, see Adding a process context variable to a workflow.

To remove a service request from the My Stuff page

You can design a workflow to remove an item from the My Stuff page only as a part of workflow attached to a service action. 

 Add the My Stuff Remove Service element to your workflow, and specify the following input parameter:

Input parameterData typeInput valueDescription
My Stuff Item IdStringProcess context variable > My Stuff Item > IdIdentifier of the service asset to be removed from the My Stuff page.

When the My Stuff Remove Service activity is executed in a process, the service request defined by this activity is removed from the My Stuff page. 

To use My Stuff item process context information in a workflow

In your workflow, you can also add a reference to a service request available on the My Stuff page. For example, you might need to send the name of the My Stuff item to the in-app notification content.

Specify the following My Stuff Item process context variables as input variables of an activity in your workflow:

  • My Stuff Item > Name
  • My Stuff Item > Id

Example: Workflow for a service action that removes a user from a group in a connected Active Directory 

The following workflow shows an example of how a My Stuff Remove Service is used in a workflow mapped to a service action:

When the activities described by this workflow are executed, the following sequence occurs: 

  1. The specified user is removed from the specified group in the connected Active Directory.
  2. The corresponding service request previously provisioned to the end user is removed from that end user's  My Stuff page. The My Stuff Remove Service action is configured to use the Id process context variable.
  3. An in app-notification is sent to the BMC Digital Workplace Catalog dashboard. The text of the notification is configured to use the Name process context variable of the My Stuff item:


Where to go from here

Complete the required workflow details, such as process details and workflow actions parameters. For details about how to do this, see Designing a simple workflow.

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