This documentation supports the 20.02 version of BMC Digital Workplace Advanced.

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Designing custom surveys for enhanced services

As a catalog administrator, you can add and design custom surveys. You might need to design custom surveys to perform one or more of the following tasks:

  • Set the custom survey as the default survey for all completed service requests
  • Create custom surveys specific to certain services

You can access Survey Designer from the Surveys page in BMC Helix Digital Workplace Catalog.

Survey Designer overview

The Survey Designer is similar to Question Designer and consists of the following elements:

  • The panel with questions—Questions listed in this panel, are grouped into Process Questions and User Generated Questions.
  • Canvas—The canvas represents the survey questionnaire. By default, a new survey displays the default Rating question. 

The following image shows Survey Designer:


You can perform the following actions on the canvas:

  • Add simple and conditional questions
  • Drag and drop questions to rearrange the order
  • Edit questions in the survey questionnaire
  • Copy questions to the survey questionnaire
  • Delete questions from the survey questionnaire
  • Translate added questions in supported languages


Be aware that conditional questions have dependencies on other questions. If a conditional question depends on a second question, when you delete the second question, you must first remove the dependency. You cannot save the service questionnaire until you remove the dependency. For details about conditional questions, see Building conditional questionnaires.

Default questions

The default questions are displayed in the Process questions panel. By default, the Survey Designer includes a single Rating process question. This question type is specific to surveys.  The Rating question is a predefined question that is, by default, available on the canvas for new surveys. 

The Rating question is displayed to end users as a selection question with five possible values that are displayed as smileys with the following hints:

  • Terrible
  • Disliked
  • Okay
  • Good
  • Excellent


Do not delete this question from the survey. The Rating question is a required process question. You cannot save the survey without this question, and will have to cancel the survey.

You cannot add a second Rating question to a questionnaire.

Custom question types

Custom questions that you add are displayed in the User Generated Questions section. The Survey Designer supports the following question types, which you can use to build a custom survey:

  • Checkbox
  • Date & Time
  • Dropdown (single select)
  • Radio Button
  • Text Area
  • Text Field 

These question types are the same as those that are available in Question Designer. The only difference is that not all settings available in the Question Designer are available in the Survey Designer for each of the supported question types. For information about these question types and their configuration settings, see Adding questions to a questionnaire.

The following table describes which settings are available for each question type: 

  • Text Area
  • Text Field
  • Checkbox
  • Dropdown (single select)
  • Radio Button

Date & Time

Labelyes *

yes *

yes *


Question Valuesyes




Default Valueremove








Regular Expressionremoveyes



Date Restrictionsremove




* The setting is required.

yesThe setting is available for the question form element type.

removeThe setting is not available for the question form element type.


The Default Value setting is not available for check box, dropdown (single select), and radio button. However, you can create question values in the Question Values area, and then set one of the values as the default.

Before you begin

Add a survey as described in Creating and managing complex satisfaction surveys for enhanced services.

To design a survey 

  1. In the Survey Designer, open a newly added survey.
  2. Review the default Rating question, and customize it as required:
    • Change the default Label field.
    • Configure the default Question Values. You can set Stars instead of the default Faces:

  3. Perform the followings steps to add each custom question:
    1. In the User Generated Questions section, click Add, and then select Question.
    2. In the Question Designer panel, select a question type from the Form Element Type list, and configure it as required. 
  4. (Optional) To add a conditional question, perform the following steps:
    1. To add a conditional branch, perform one of the following tasks:
      • On the canvas, click New conditional branch.
      • In the User Generated Questions section, click Add, and then select Conditional branch.
    2. After you have added a conditional branch, use one of the following operators to configure a query for the condition:

      • is
      • is not
    For more information about how to add conditions to questions, see Building conditional questionnaires.
  5. (Optional) To translate the added questions:
    1. Select a question on the canvas, and click Edit.  
    2. In the Question Designer panel, click Languages.
    3. Clear the Use default language check box.
    4. From the languages list, select a language (locale) for which you want to add a service name and version translations.
    5. In the Label field, enter a translated text and press Enter.

    6. (Applicable only to Checkbox, Dropdown single select, Radio Button questions) In the Question Values area, enter a translated text for each Display Value field. 
    7. Click Save

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