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This documentation supports the 20.02 version of BMC Digital Workplace Advanced.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product Version menu.

Creating promotional banners

Catalog administrators can create promotional banners that are displayed for end users in BMC Digital Workplace. The catalog administrators can upload banner images of different sizes to be displayed on desktop and mobile devices.

The following illustration shows an example of a promotional banner shown in BMC Digital Workplace:

Through the intuitive banner configuration page, a catalog administrator can perform the following actions:

  • Define when to show or hide banners, based on the device operating system
  • Configure banners to be shown, based on a date-time schedule
  • Specify the action to be done when the user clicks a banner image
  • Add localized versions of promotional banners for end users in different locales. For more information, see Localizing catalog items.


You must configure Remedy Single Sign-On with BMC Helix Digital Workplace Catalog and BMC Helix Digital Workplace to leverage this capability. 

To add a promotional banner to the service catalog

Perform the following steps to create, add, configure, and make a promotional banner available in the service catalog:

1Define the type of banner that you want to create.Types of promotional banners

Create the banner image using a template.

Creating banner images using a template

Add and configure the banner in BMC Digital Workplace Catalog.

Adding and configuring banner items

Configure the banner life term in BMC Digital Workplace.

Managing banner items

Associate the banner with a section in the service catalog.

Creating catalog sections for banners
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