This documentation supports the 20.02 version of BMC Digital Workplace Advanced.

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Configuring the default survey for enhanced services

As a catalog administrator, you enable and configure surveys for enhanced  services in the Application settings of the BMC Digital Workplace Catalog console.  Enhanced services are processed through BMC Digital Workplace Catalog. The default survey is sent when the status of the enhanced service request is changed to Completed. However, you can configure custom surveys to replace the default survey.

Default survey types

You can configure either of the following survey types for the default survey:

Survey typeDescription
Simple (Rating +comment)

A predefined simple survey is the default selection when you enable surveys for enhanced services. You cannot customize this survey by changing the icons or text of this survey.

To complete this survey, an end user selects a smiley face, and then submits the survey. Additional questions are displayed depending on the end user's answer:

  • If an end user selects any of the Terrible to Good smiley faces, the label for the optional feedback field reads, "How can we improve?"
  • If an end user selects the Excellent smiley face, the label reads, "Excellent! Tell us what you liked."
    The following image shows the predefined Simple (Rating +comment) survey:
Custom survey

You can set a custom survey as the default survey. 

For a custom survey, you can design a questionnaire and configure the questions that you want to be displayed. For information about designing custom surveys, see Designing custom surveys for enhanced services.

The following image shows a custom survey with custom icons and conditional questions:

Excluded services

By default, when you enable surveys for enhanced services, surveys are sent to end users for every enhanced service request that is completed. However, you might want to disable surveys for some of the enhanced services. You can add those services to the exclusion list so that surveys are not sent when those service requests are completed.   


If you add a service to the Excluded Services list, and then associate this service with a custom survey, the custom survey will be sent to end users when the underlying service request is completed. End users will also receive notifications for changes in status, depending on how you configured status updates and notifications.

Before you begin

Enabling surveys in BMC Digital Workplace

To configure the default survey for enhanced services

  1. Log in to the BMC Digital Workplace Catalog console as a catalog administrator.
  2. To open Application Settings, click the configuration gear ().
  3. To enable surveys for services processed through BMC Digital Workplace Catalog:
    1. Click the arrow for Surveys
    2. Click the Generate surveys for completed requests toggle key.
  4. From the Default Survey list, select a survey that you want to be triggered when a service request is completed.
  5. (Optional) To exclude services from generating surveys:
    1. Click Add next to Excluded Services.
    2. Search for services from the catalog, select them, and then click Add.
  6. Click Close and Save.

Where to go from here

You can create custom surveys and associate them with specific services. These surveys will be triggered instead of the default survey. For information about how to create and configure custom surveys, see Creating and managing complex satisfaction surveys for enhanced services.

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