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Using Google Analytics to collect and analyze usage data

Beta feature

A beta version of this feature is currently available. You must use the provided scripts to enable this feature on your environment.

You can use Google Analytics to collect and analyze usage data. While additional data tracking capabilities will be added in an upcoming release of BMC Digital Workplace, the following data is currently available for analytics:

  • Technological data such as browser, operating system, and devices used
  • User-specific data such as location, traffic by time of day, source of traffic, and search keywords
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Before you begin

For an overview on Google Analytics, and to get a tracking ID, see Get started with Analytics Open link .

To set up data collection using your Google Analytics account

After you create your Google Analytics account, perform the following steps to configure your account:

  • Click  > Admin > Property > Property Settings and copy the Tracking ID.
  • Click  > Admin > View > View Settings and toggle Site search Tracking to ON.


BMC recommends using separate Tracking IDs for your test and production environments. This will help segregate the data used for analytics.

To update your BMC Digital Workplace environment script

Update your environment script before using the script to enable analytics for BMC Digital Workplace. If you have a multitenant environment, see Configuring multitenancy.

  1. On the BMC Digital Workplace server, move the tenant-config.jar file from DWP_HOME/tenant-config to a folder with scripts:
    • (LinuxDWP_HOME/tenant-config/scripts/linux
    • (WindowsDWP_HOME\tenant-config\scripts\win
  2. (Optional) To run the tenant configuration utility on a server other than the BMC Digital Workplace server, copy the scripts/linux or scripts\win folders from the BMC Digital Workplace server to the server that will run the utility.
  3. In the \scripts directory, locate the set_env.bat or set_env.sh script.

  4. Using a text editor such as Notepad, edit the set_env.bat or set_env.sh script and enter the following values for the different variables:



    set analytics_provider

    (Required - lowercase) google

    set analytics_name

    (Required ) Customer/tenant name

    set analytics_global_key

    (Optional) BMC's Google Analytics tracking ID

    set analytics_customer_key(Required ) Your Google Analytics tracking ID
    myit_server_url(Required ) http://DigitalWorkplaceServer/dwp
    saml_authentication(Required for multitenancy) true


    • If you have an on-premises installation of BMC Digital Workplace, you can copy your Google Analytics tracking ID to the analytics_customer_key variable to start viewing your analytics data. In addition, to share your data to help BMC improve the experience and performance of BMC Digital Workplace, and to drive product direction, you can request for the BMC Google Analytics tracking ID, and copy it to the analytics_global_key variable.
    • If your company account and data for BMC Helix Digital Workplace is on the BMC Helix cloud, you must share your Google Analytics tracking ID with BMC to get access to analytics data that is specific to your account.
  5. Save and close the set_env.bat  or set_env.sh script.

  6. Test the utility by running the following command:

    • (Linux) list_tenants.sh

    • (Windows) list_tenants.bat

    You should see a default tenant with the name 000000000000001.

To enable analytics in BMC Digital Workplace

  1. Navigate to the tenant-config scripts folder:
    • (LinuxDWP_HOME/tenant-config/scripts/linux
    • (WindowsDWP_HOME\tenant-config\scripts\win
  2. Run the script to enable the feature:
    • (Linux) enable_analytics.sh
    • (Windows) enable_analytics.bat

To disable analytics in BMC Digital Workplace

  1. Navigate to the tenant-config scripts folder:
    • (LinuxDWP_HOME/tenant-config/scripts/linux
    • (WindowsDWP_HOME\tenant-config\scripts\win
  2. Run the script to disable the feature:
    • (Linux) disable_analytics.sh
    • (Windows) disable_analytics.bat

To verify your Google Analytics data collection

  1. Use two or more accounts and log in to BMC Digital Workplace.
  2. Use the search bar to enter various search terms, and go to various screens in the user interface.

  3. Wait for approximately 30 minutes to allow the analytics data to be populated in your account.

  4. Log in to your Google Analytics account, and view the following information:

    • From the Google Analytics Home page, view the summary of # users, log in time, locations, Page visit, and devices.
    • From the left pane, click Behavior > Site Search > Search Terms to view the search terms.

This version of the documentation is no longer supported. However, the documentation is available for your convenience. You will not be able to leave comments.