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Portal for external users

The External Users feature is currently available as a Beta feature.

As a BMC Digital Workplace administrator, you can create an external portal as a subtenant of your regular BMC Digital Workplace application. By using this option, you achieve the following goals:

  • Manage internal and external business processes separately.
  • Configure and customize regular and external BMC Digital Workplace tenants separately.

An external portal is used by end users who are not internal to your organization (referred to as external users) and is primarily managed by a BMC Digital Workplace administrator of an external portal (referred to as external administrator).

As a BMC Digital Workplace administrator, you can assign an external administrator to configure, manage, and expose an external portal to external users. External users have limited access to the BMC Digital Workplace features and can use the external portal to request simple services.


External users cannot view or request services from the regular BMC Digital Workplace application unless the Global permission is set for services and articles.

Scenarios for using an external portal

The following scenarios explain how external users can use an external BMC Digital Workplace portal.

Scenario 1

Stefan and Paula are the citizens of San Diego. Stefan is a driver who notices a dangerous pothole on the road. Paula accidentally becomes a witness of a night traffic failure. Both Stefan and Paula can log in to an external BMC Digital Workplace portal and raise their requests to resolve the road issues noticed in their city.

Scenario 2

Mary is a citizen of Philadelphia. On her way to the office, she decides to send an email by using Wi-Fi in a public Wi-Fi zone. Mary cannot establish a Wi-Fi connection due to a service outage. By using an external BMC Digital Workplace portal, Mary can raise a complaint against the Wi-Fi outage.

Scenario 3

A-Services is a private company that works as an external contractor for a state governmental organization. The state governmental organization can prepare special services with adjusted pricing for the external staff and configure an external BMC Digital Workplace portal according to the business need. A-Services employees can use this portal to request services required for their work.

How external users register and login

External users register in an external BMC Digital Workplace portal by filling in a short web registration form.

After filling in the form, external users activate their accounts by using an auto-generated registration email, as shown in the following example:

If users do not receive the auto-generated registration email and hence cannot activate their accounts, these users can use the option of re-sending the activation code. 


If external users activate their accounts successfully, these users are automatically registered in BMC Helix ITSM and BMC Digital Workplace Catalog. For more information about managing registered external users, see Managing access for external users.

Registered external users log in to an external portal by providing their email addresses and passwords in a short login form.

Features available to external users

The following table lists the BMC Digital Workplace features that are available to external users in an external portal:

  • A BMC Digital Workplace administrator adds services that are available on the Catalog page of an external portal by using the functionality of a virtual marketplace in BMC Digital Workplace Catalog. For more information, see Preparing an external portal for external administrators.

  • By default, the Catalog page is set as the landing page of an external portal.

  • External users can perform the following actions with their service requests:
    • Open
    • Cancel
    • Add comments and attachments

  • External users can use the Browse categories option on the Catalog page.

Global search

External users can search for services and knowledge articles. Additionally, they can provide feedback about articles.

My Activity

The My Activity page displays active and past events of a user. This allows to track the statuses of the submitted requests.


External users can add enhanced catalog items to a cart to request all items at the same time, instead of submitting individual service requests one at a time. For more information, see Requesting multiple enhanced catalog items with a cart.


The Preferences page in an external portal differs from the regular BMC Digital Workplace Preferences page. External users can only view their profile information in read mode and edit notification settings.

  • External users can receive in-app (bell) notifications about the requests that need attention in the following cases:
    • When someone comments their requests.
    • When approvals are needed (if external users are the approvers).
    • When requests are approved or rejected.
  • External users receive email and push notifications if they enable these options on the Preferences page.

The following illustration shows the Application Features section in the Admin console of an external portal and a limited set of features that an external administrator can enable for external users.

Other regular BMC Digital Workplace features are not available in an external portal and cannot be configured for external users. For more information about configuring an external portal, see Configuring an external portal for external users.

Where to go from here

Administering an external BMC Digital Workplace portal

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