This documentation supports the 19.11 version of BMC Digital Workplace Advanced.

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This topic provides a brief introduction to BMC Digital Workplace. Start by reading the product overview and watching the video. To find out more about features that support your role, review the Product roles section below and its links.

Product overview

BMC Digital Workplace is a self-service application for business users to connect with IT and HR anywhere, anytime, on any device. Users are encouraged to share their experiences and post status updates about the resources that concern them. IT can analyze the conversations around resources to gain insight into service usage trends, to plan for the organization's future needs more efficiently. For highlights of the supported capabilities, see Use cases.

BMC Digital Workplace is highly configurable. Features available to users in the client applications depend on which functionality the administrator enables and how the administrator configures the product.

Depending on your product role, you will use the following components:

  • BMC Digital Workplace end user console (http://localhost:9000/dwp/app)
  • BMC Digital Workplace Admin console (http://localhost:9000/dwp/admin)
  • BMC Digital Workplace Catalog console (http://BMC_DWP_SERVER_NAME:8008/myitsbe)

Employees can use any supported mobile device or desktop browser for self service, to enter trouble tickets, and to contact IT.

With BMC Digital Workplace Advanced, employees can monitor the status of services and schedule appointments to meet with IT. When traveling, users can instantly find important information about their corporate campuses—from directions from the airport to floor maps of company office layouts that provide an easy way to find conference rooms, printers, and other assets in unfamiliar locations—anytime and anywhere. Personal assets and services that employees requested from the catalog are grouped together as My Stuff. Employees can make requests specific to their personal assets and services. For example, they might request accessories for their laptop.

With BMC Digital Workplace Catalog, service catalog administrators can design services that external systems fulfill. Services previously made available to employees in separate catalogs can be unified in a single service catalog.

Product roles

BMC Digital Workplace includes both administrator and end-user roles. 

After BMC Digital Workplace Catalog is set up, catalog managers can share the responsibility for setting up and maintaining the digital service catalog with other members of the organization. The application provides three catalog management roles to enable teams to work more efficiently to save time and money.

The following diagram illustrates the roles that apply to each application.


The following users roles are applicable to BMC Digital Workplace.


From the Admin console, administrators enable and configure features (such as the newsfeed and sections in the catalog) for BMC Digital Workplace client applications.

Quick start for BMC Digital Workplace administrators

End user

End users use the BMC Digital Workplace client applications for self-service and to place requests. 

Features for end users

The following additional product roles are applicable to an external BMC Helix Digital Workplace portal.

 The External Users feature is currently available as a Beta feature.

External administrator

External administrators are the BMC Helix Digital Workplace administrators of an external BMC Helix Digital Workplace portal. From the Admin console, these administrators configure and expose an external portal for external users and manage external users. For more information, see Portal for external users.

External user

External users are the end users of an external BMC Helix Digital Workplace portal. External users have access to a limited set of features and use an external portal to request services. For more information, see Portal for external users.

The following product roles are applicable to BMC Helix Digital Workplace Catalog.

Catalog administrator

From BMC Digital Workplace Catalog, catalog administrators handle administrative functions such as creating service templates and managing the service connector configuration. They also handle the catalog management functions of an internal service supplier.

Quick start for catalog administrators

Internal service supplier administrator

Using BMC Digital Workplace Catalog, internal service supplier administrators help to populate the organization's service catalog by creating new services, importing services from external systems, designing workflows and questionnaires, setting service entitlements for users, and approving and publishing services to end users.

Quick start for internal supplier administrators

Internal service supplier

Using BMC Digital Workplace Catalog, internal service suppliers help to populate the organization's service catalog by creating new services, importing services from external systems, designing workflows and questionnaires, and setting service entitlements for users.

Quick start for internal suppliers

Customer administrator

Using BMC Digital Workplace Catalog, administrators from companies that use services provided by a managed service provider, set service entitlements for users, and generate reports on service usage.

Quick start for customer administrators

Asset manager

Using BMC Digital Workplace Catalog, asset managers set up and manage Virtual Marketplaces, as a method to entitle services, bundles, and banners to users and groups.

Quick start for asset managers

Service agent

Service agents investigate the status of service requests and answer queries by users about their service requests. Service agents have access only to the Service Requests report. For more details about service request reports, see Reviewing the status of service requests.

Product documentation

The BMC Digital Workplace documentation helps both new and experienced users implement and use this product. Based on your role, the following sections of the documentation are recommended:

All users should view and set up a watch on the Release notes and notices page for the latest product information and documentation updates.

The FAQs and additional resources page answers questions about the product and directs you to other resources for getting information about this product.

When working in the product, administrators can use context-sensitive Help to find the appropriate documentation topic.

In the BMC Digital Workplace Admin console and BMC Digital Workplace Catalog, a Self-help menu is available with links to documentation, videos, and product walkthroughs.

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