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BMC Digital Workplace Catalog overview

BMC Digital Workplace Catalog is an enterprise app store solution designed to be the center of your digital workplace. Through a single administration dashboard, IT departments can aggregate, manage, deliver, and track hardware, software, and services from multiple cloud-based and on-premises sources.

BMC Digital Workplace Catalog integrates with external fulfillment systems through service connectors to enable communication between the catalog application platform and the different fulfillment systems.


The service providers shown in the following image are for illustrative purposes and are not built into BMC Digital Workplace Catalog.

Learning more about IT service brokering

Growing enterprises experience challenges to provide access to the services that their teams need to do their work, while enforcing information privacy and security compliance, maintaining system performance, and ensuring license costs are within the allowed budget. Service brokering is a key ingredient for automating users' access to approved services and for reducing the overhead of retaining idle services over time.

If the concept of service brokering is new or unfamiliar to you, read a fresh perspective on enabling the digital workplace. BMC released IT Service Brokering for Dummies to share:

  • What IT service brokering is, and why it's needed.
  • How your business can benefit from IT service brokering.
  • What to look for in an IT service brokering solution.

The introduction explains:

The proliferation of new technology trends and enterprise users increasingly obtaining IT services from anywhere and everywhere is driving the adoption of an IT–as–a–Service model... the traditional role of internal IT departments has become obsolete and IT organizations that resist these trends will become irrelevant. Enterprise CIOs must recognize and embrace this paradigm shift—IT service brokering is your future!

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This version of the documentation is no longer supported. However, the documentation is available for your convenience. You will not be able to leave comments.