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Adding catalog profile details to a service

An BMC Digital Workplace Catalog administrator must add catalog profile details to a service to make the service available for publishing.

Before you begin

Before adding details to a service, ensure that you have the necessary service category. For more information about creating categories, see Adding and updating service categories.

To add catalog profile details to a service

  1. In BMC Digital Workplace Catalog, go to Services > Services, and search for a service that you want to update.
  2. Select Actions Open.
    The Service Options pane is displayed.

  3. Click Edit next to the Catalog Profile.

  4. Complete the required details described in the following table:

    FieldRequired?Guideline for use
    Service LogoRequired (for all templates, except built-in IT Request)

    Upload a square image. Several image file formats are supported (refer to the application tool tip). The image will be converted to a PNG file for use in the catalog preview.

    Best practice

    We recommend that the image be 512 x 512 pixels.

    Service ExcerptSpecify up to 105 characters to be displayed on the service tile. Longer excerpts will be shortened to include the last complete word before the 105th character mark, including spaces.
    Service Description

    There is always one description field in every service template.


    Many service type template fields support a rich text editor that enables basic character formatting, bullet and numbered lists, and links to web URLs. While the text fields may support pasting text copied from a web page, the results might not be desirable.


    Upload MediaOptional (fields vary depending on the specific template used)

    Attach media to be displayed in the preview carousel.

    Upload up to five images (892 x 280 pixels or scaled proportionately) in any of the file formats specified in the application tool tip. The image will be converted to .png format for storage and viewing in the catalog profile preview.

    Include up to two YouTube video URLs in the format: https://youtube.com/watch?v={video_id}

    Short links that begin with youtu.be are not supported.

    CategoriesAssign Categories and Subcategories up to three levels deep. The categories shown may be a short list of visible categories selected in the template.
    TagsEnter free-form Tags that will help the user find the service using the search filters.

    Best practice: Use a consistent tagging scheme for your organization.
    File resources and linksAttach any files or add URLs that can help the user work with the service.

    Select Internal Workflow (default) or External Method. The external method directs the user to a specific website URL where users will complete the fulfillment outside of the system. The external method is designed for use with third-party systems like airline and hotel reservations, event registration, and legacy information systems.

    Services fulfilled via External Method do not appear in BMC Digital Workplace Catalog reports. However, the click-through to the external URL is tracked.

  5. Click Save.


BMC Digital Workplace Catalog enables you to add service profile details in multiple languages. You can publish service profile details and the translations for the end users in different locales. For more information, see Localizing catalog items.

The following illustration shows a completed form with service catalog profile details.

Where to go from here

Workflows for service fulfillment

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