This documentation supports the 19.08 version of BMC Digital Workplace Advanced.

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The location feature includes site locations, floor maps of sites, assets located on floor maps. After an administrator sets up locations, employees can find places and assets. They can also post messages to the timelines of locations and assets. Administrators can send broadcasts to employees at a specific location.

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The process for setting up locations is as follows:

  1. Enable a maps license. For more information, see Enabling a maps license.
  2. Add a location to BMC Digital Workplace. For more information, see Setting up locations.
  3. Add floor maps to the location. For more information, see Managing floor maps.
  4. Add actions to the Asset Actions library. See Managing asset types.
  5. Add new asset types or modify existing types. For more information, see Managing asset types.
  6. Add assets to the floor maps. For more information, see Managing assets on floor maps.


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