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Integrating BMC Digital Workplace with remote servers

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Use the Remote Connector Servers feature to connect to a remote server that hosts connectors that BMC Digital Workplace Catalog can use for transferring data to and from external systems via REST calls. Remote Connector Servers enable on-premises users to build their own connectors and use them in BMC Digital Workplace Catalog.

Remote Connector Servers are containers for Remote Connector Server connectors. After a Remote Connector Server is successfully registered in BMC Digital Workplace Catalog, you can use its connectors for use in different use cases. The following use cases are supported:

  • Actions callable from service fulfillment workflows
  • Service import
  • Data lookup from service questionnaires

The following diagram shows the integration between BMC Digital Workplace Catalog  and a remote server:

Before you begin

Before you build a custom web application server and connector, explore the other types of connectors; for example, the Integration Service connectors or the built-in in-process connectors (such as the Remedy connector) that are shipped with the product.

A remote server with built-in connectors must be implemented by developers in your organization. For more information, see the following topics:

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